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These Are The Best Apps For Learning New Skills

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There are many reasons you may decide to learn a new skill. New skills can help you get jobs outside of your current area of expertise. They can open up doors to live in other countries. Or they can simply keep your mind active.

Most people assume that learning a new skill is tough and frustrating. While this is certainly the reality for many, it doesn’t have to be. In 2021, there are apps available that make learning easy and enjoyable.

Here are the best apps for learning new skills.

Lingopie: Learn a Language

Learning a language has become much easier over the past two decades. We have apps like Duolingo and Babbel which provide systematic language learning programs. You can also translate anything online if you get caught up on a word or phrase.

However, the easiest and most enjoyable way of learning a language is surely Lingopie. Lingopie provides thousands of episodes of TV in languages like Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and more. You watch these series with interactive subtitles that you can click on for more information.

You can go at your own pace, learning how the language is actually spoken by hearing it instead of learning it only in theory. Take a look at this article on what is the easiest language to learn to choose a skill to learn in no time at all.

Melodics: Learn to Play Instruments

If you tried to learn an instrument and gave up on it, Melodics provides a reason to try again. Melodics is a desktop app that provides lessons in playing the MIDI keyboard, electronic drums, and pads / finger drums.

However, you won’t be doing boring exercises over and over again. Rather, you will learn different skills on your instrument of choice while learning about how music is made through carefully chosen songs.

Melodics picks up every note you play and gives you live feedback. You can slow down the track and play along until you’re able to go at full speed. It is not just enjoyable but incredibly effective.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code

Do you have no experience in coding but a ton of ideas? SoloLearn is the app for you. SoloLearn provides a comprehensive learning experience. You start from the beginning with a “chapter” at a time, and work your way up with live feedback. The app quizzes you at the end of each chapter, and you cannot move on until you have basic competency in the skills taught.

SoloLearn also has forums where you can speak to other novice coders, ask questions, and find mutual encouragement. It provides many activities to play with that aren’t tied to specific chapters, so that you can practice without getting bored.

Learning to code is a very useful skill, and can open you up to creating apps and websites that do exactly what you want.

The above apps make learning a skill easier than ever. Give them a try and if you find you enjoy them, your abilities will improve rapidly.