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How Popular Are Online Casinos in Poland

Ever since it became legal back in 1930, gambling has grown to become very popular in Poland. However, their laws that govern online gambling are quite restrictive compared to those of other countries in Europe.

Despite the legal limitations, the country has a large population of casino games players. You can sign up to an online casino today.

The number of online casinos operating in the country has been steadily rising over the past two decades. While the number of land-based gambling establishments is more massive, this can be attributed to the head start they have had over a century.

Legalization of Gambling

Poland was among the first countries in Europe to pass legislation that favors casinos in the early 20th century.

However, their legal status flip-flopped from legal to illegal then back to legal in the years leading to and after World War II.
The year 1992 is seen as the most definitive for the gambling industry in the country. It was then that the more inclusive Polish gambling laws were legislated. However, as comprehensive as they were, they had to change again in 2009 with the rise of online gaming and online-based casinos.

The Ustawa o Grach Hazardowych (Polish Gambling Law)

The foundational legal framework that governs gambling in Poland was passed in 2009. It was at this point that the National Revenue Administration and the Ministry of Finance took charge of regulating gambling.

The Ustawa o Grach Hazardowych, as it is commonly referred to, allows Polish players to play only at licensed online casinos. Online casinos that operate in the country are required to acquire a Polish Gambling License issued by the Ministry of Finance (Ministerstwo Finansow).

Interestingly, only one state-sponsored casino Totalizator Sportowy has this license. This leaves many Polish citizens with literally no option on where to play.

Gambling with the Polish Law

The Polish law on gambling restricts online casinos wishing to operate in the country. However, it does not expressly prohibit its citizens from playing at online casinos operating outside the country.

Thus, there is no punishment for Polish citizens who play in casinos operating outside the country. It is for this reason that there are hundreds of options for Poles looking for the best online casinos.

While the Ministerstwo Finansow has come up with a blacklist of gambling establishments to avoid, it is more of an advisory than a rule. No Polish citizen or resident has ever been punished for playing at an online casino licensed outside the country.

The Most Popular Games

Here are the most popular casino games played by the Polish online.

1. Slots

Online slots are very popular in Poland, as they are everywhere else in the world. Totalizator Sportowy also offers online slots, but its variety of games is minimal.

2. Table games

The most popular games in the country are poker and blackjack. Poker, in particular, is very popular among the millennials who make up the majority of casino games players. The state casino also offers poker games. However, Poles looking for competitive table games such as live blackjack have to play at international casinos.

3. Lottery games

The most popular online lottery game in Poland is the Totalizator Sportowy lottery. The Totolotek lotto is also popular, but it is not available online.

4. Live dealer games

When it comes to live games, poker takes the crown as the most popular, followed by blackjack. Other popular live games enjoyed by the poles are live baccarat and live roulette.

5. Sports betting

Sports betting is legal and immensely popular in Poland. The state casino Totalizator Sportowy does not claim a monopoly over sports betting. As a result, it has attracted numerous sportsbooks that offer all kinds of betting-based games.

Top Features of Polish Casinos

Offshore casinos targeting Polish players go the extra mile to attract and accommodate them. They achieve this by supporting polish banks and currency. They also provide games and platforms translated to the Polish language.

The wide variety of games available to international players on many international casinos are also available to the Poles. The state-sponsored casino has very limited games. As expected, ardent players prefer to choose from the broader variety on offshore platforms over Totalizator Sportowy.


If you are an adult aged over 18 years, you can register at an online casino in Poland. The state’s legal framework recommends that you play only at Totalizator Sportowy, but it is just that – a recommendation. If you are like most gamblers, you will go online and find a casino that best suits your needs.