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How Soon After An Accident Must A Claim Be Filed?

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Personal injury settlements help accident victims pick up the pieces after devastating events. As a result of their ailments, our clients incur high pharmacy expenses and make frequent pharmacy visits. It’s possible that these expenses will add up quickly.

Many clients worry about how long it will take to receive compensation after making a claim for damages caused by an accident. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Everything else depends on the details of your case. If you have legal representation, you may be able to resolve your claim in a matter of weeks. Sometimes, settlement talks can drag on for nine months or more. A year or more may pass after an out-of-court settlement before you receive payment.

In this post, Car accident attorney in Atlanta addresses the most important factors that will determine the duration of your claim.

Does Anyone Have A Question About Responsibility?

If someone is not responsible for what happened, they do not have to pay to fix the damage they created. Let’s say you ran a red light and caused someone else’s death. If the other motorist is determined to be at blame for the accident, only then will they be compelled to pay you back for the damages. If you are found to be at fault, then you will not be entitled to any compensation.

The mistake may be very obvious at times. If this is not the case, the investigating parties may spend months interrogating witnesses, analysing evidence, and studying relevant legal precedents. If there is a dispute about fault in a personal injury lawsuit, the case will take much longer to resolve.

To What Extent Do Your Wounds Affect Your Daily Life?

The length of time it takes to settle a claim for damages after an accident is directly related to how serious the plaintiff’s injuries are. The following are examples of possible causes:

  • Until you’ve reached your full potential, it may be wise to put off settling down. We’re in a position to bargain for a fair price now, so let’s talk about it.
  • Insurers will dig deeper into any negligence when the stakes are high. Moreover, the costs associated with major injuries are often much higher.
  • Insurers are more inclined to claim that the policyholder was at fault for an accident if a sizable payout is at stake. This means legal action may be necessary.

A speedy settlement may be reached if the victim’s injuries were relatively mild and the healing process would take no more than a month. Anyone who needs surgery and the therapy that comes thereafter should be aware that the process can take quite some time.

If A Settlement Were To Be Reached, Does The Defendant Intend To Pay It?

Some of the defendants may try to settle the matter through negotiations. If the dispute generates unfavourable press, for instance, they may offer a settlement in an effort to silence their critics. Potential targets of acquisitions may be looking to reduce their obligations to shareholders and staff.

When It Comes To Money, How Much Help Do You Need Exactly?

Many recent accident victims have severe medical bills and need immediate financial support. They are unable to work as a result of their injuries, yet the ever-growing medical costs linked with their care continue to pile up at their homes. They should settle on the defendant’s terms since the arguments in favour of doing so are strong.

Even yet, you should never accept a monetary amount that falls short of what you rightfully deserve. In most settlement agreements, one party will agree to waive any further claims they may have against the other party. Because of this, any hope of future monetary restitution is gone.