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How TikTok Can Lead Humanity to Both: Collapse and Everything We Wanted from ‘Back to the Future’

After millions of years, TikTok will consistently remain the hottest topic among new generations. The ones who like it, the ones who don’t understand it, and, in the end, the ones who just want Facebook to be alive again. 

Yes, TikTok has never lost points in the burning issue section. Year to year, social media grows and brings more questions than answers. 

Many trends of 2022, especially in marketing, were directly related to this platform. We see bunches of new tools created for TikTok-relevant purposes only, such as GoviralPro and countless Hubspot options. Why? The answer is pretty simple:

TikTok earns you money, provides innovation, and grabs the attention of the most “bulletproof” users. 

Here, we want to discuss what advantages and disadvantages TikTok can (and most likely will) bring to humanity. 

Positive Sides of the Darkside: TikTok Edition

It is easier to start with the cons of TikTok, but it’s too easy. We did our research and found proven reasons why we must adore this platform and don’t see only evil in it. 

Here they go-

  • TikTok is all about diversity
    • You can find relevant content even if you’re eighteen years old granny that has nothing to do but knitting
  • Most videos are created by real people
    • It’s proven that most content creators (not the TOP ones though) are common folks who don’t have teams of professionals behind their backs
  • Free creative tools inside the platform 
    • TikTok offers many available at-no-cost decisions for creating content, for example, you can choose many sounds right on the app 
  • With TikTok, you actually get the content you are interested in 
    • It’s no secret that this platform has one of the best content feeds. Users actually get what they want from the start! 

Must-To-Know Disadvantages of TikTok

We’ve collected the most harmful disadvantages of TikTok that affect mental health and can be dangerous in the long run. 

As it said, here they go-

  • Trends are (too) crazy 
    • TikTok got to be popular because of its insane trends. While the platform has some interesting challenges that can even save a human’s life, dry powder trends and other deadly moves are more popular.
  • User-friendly, but toxic to creators
    • This platform is meant to satisfy all users’ needs. At the same time, TikTok is violently toxic to content creators. If you don’t publish often enough or if you do different content from what your audience is used to, and so on, you most likely will get banned and disappear forever
  • Check your feed on propaganda
    • Proven fact: TikTok couldn’t give less attention to the propaganda issue. So when it comes to a new election or a war, make sure to check all the information you consume with trustful resources. It saves lives. 
  • TikTok can be addictive, especially for youth 
    • Comfortable feed is an advantage on one side and the biggest disadvantage on another. The picture TikTok paints is so toxic that many young people experience depression and even dysphoria because of the image this platform provides. Don’t get addicted to TikTok! 

Following TikTok or not is your decision only. So, what will you decide after knowing its burning pros and cons?