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How to Choose a Motherboard for Your Computers?

Like spine is the backbone of our body we can say that motherboards are the backbone of our PCs. Why? What does a motherboard do in your computer? What differences better motherboard makes? In simple words, all parts of your computer plugs into the hub of motherboard. Its basic designs lead your PCs size. CPUs, RAM, graphic cards take eat all f our budget when it comes to modifying your PC. For gaming specifically, we are inclined to building our RAMS but without a compatible motherboard these efforts could go all in vein. 

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Motherboards anatomy diagram:

  1. A CPU socket
  2. RAM slots
  3. M.2 slot
  4. Fan headers
  5. Power connectors
  6. PCI expansion slots
  7. Wi-Fi antenna connector

What does a motherboard can have or connect to; 

  • CPU
  • Memory cards
  • Video cards 
  • Smaller slots or PCI Express slots
  • USB posts
  • Expansion slots or PCI slots
  • RAM(
  • Controllers of your keyboard
  • Hard drives 
  • Optical drives

Here is a brief buying guide for all the 2021 gamers looking for best gaming motherboards:


A PCI slot (peripheral component interference slot) or a port is built-in-connectors on motherboard that connect to all the external cards. From the beginning Expansion slots are being used as PCI slots. Well, if you require connecting video cards sound cards, Wi-Fi adapters etc. some motherboards also come with smaller slots that are the PCI Express slots (peripheral component interference express slot). Make sure you have PCI Express slots to meet your requirements.

Is expansion slot or PCI slot important for gamers?

The answer is YES, why? A motherboard slots are necessary to make future upgrades in your computer. Expansion slots or PCI slots can do the work for a normal PC user but for a gamer he might require multiple smaller size PCI Express slots or latest a full speed PCI Express x16 slot.


CPU is the main brain of computers. CPU and motherboard should be well-matched. The compatibility should be between the CPU socket and the chipset of the motherboard. It you are the user of computers, you can know the sizes of motherboard that fit in to your computer.

What’s the most probable CPU socket type?

 If you’re new and not known to your CPU types, here is the guide for you. Mostly the CPU types compatible with motherboards are AMD and Intel. That’s again a controversial question is AMD better than Intel? But the experience tells, most of the CPU types are AMD. AMD is “Advanced micro devices”, don’t get confused by the name. In 90% CPUs, the type is AMD and for AMD the best and flexible socket type is AM4.

Motherboard chipsets and what chipset of motherboard fits to AM4 type CPU socket?

AM4 type socket of CPU fits best in B450 or B550 chipsets of motherboard. The chipsets of motherboard (AM4) fits to a versatile types of CPU sockets. There are new chipsets now being introduced. Then with modern chips you have to be budget cautious as AM4 type chips are quiet cheap and saves money. Chipsets of a motherboard are also used for connection with external USB ports. Now comes the role of Intel chipsets that are frequently used for WIFI and Bluetooth integration. Gamersmenu provides a complete guide on best motherboard models and guidance with respect to CPUs


RAM (Random accessed memory) processes your data. Computer shifts your data to RAM before saving it. The greater the RAM greater will be the processing speed of your computer, a very vital factor for gamers. For a best gaming motherboard you need to know the RAM of motherboard you are buying. Slots are again connected to RAMs. The greater the slots the greater will be the RAM of your computer. Mini-ITX models often have just two RAM slots, and high-end HEDT boards offer eight RAM slots. For a gamer, 16 to 34GB RAM is enough for that he requires 4 RAM slots in which he can use 2 and reserve 2 for future use. So that’s a crucial point to check before buying motherboard. Don’t go for too many RAM slots as they will only increase the price of product.


Motherboards are the item of technology that is frequently undergoing modifications. More so, gamers and technology are both running in the front of a race. People (gamers) look for gamer motherboards for their computers. Standard motherboards or basic design mother boards are low~50$ to 60$ but the prices of premium motherboards could cross 1000$. But to do a good job, you don’t acquire premium motherboards for your personal usage.

Don’t spend on both; uber-popular Ryzen 5 3600 CPU type don’t require you to spend 1000$ on buying the motherboard and vice versa don’t overclock CPU if have full featured motherboard as the speed depends on 50$to 100$ range you can get an over-clocked AMD chipset motherboard. Intel motherboards at this range might be slow in less than ~200 you can go up to the premium models such as  Intel’s  Z490 boards. In around 250$ to 300$ comes Threadripper boards.


Gamersmenu has provided with this exclusive list of some models of motherboards.

Best Intel gaming motherboards:

  2. Gigabyte X299X Designare 10G
  3. MSI MEG Z490 Godlike
  4. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming Motherboard
  5. Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming

Best AMD gaming motherboards:

  1. AS Rock TRX40 Taichi
  2. ASUS ROG Strix X470-I
  3. Gigabyte X570 Gaming X
  4. MSI Creator TRX40
  5. MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus


If you are upgrading your computer for the need of games or you’re getting a new computer, knowledge of motherboard helps you through the way. To know the RAM, CPU socket type, motherboards chipsets and amount of PCIe slot you need it get easier for you to select compatible motherboard. You want all built-in featured motherboards that have wifi, Bluetooth and on-board audio and reduce the need for expansion cards you can also get that to avoid from all this hustle.