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How to Choose Best Trading Platforms in India

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Prior to starting your trading career, you need to find an experienced online broker who will help you set up a trading account. However, choosing the best online broker is not an easy task. A trader who wants to make money must choose a trading terminal that meets their requirements, test-drive the platform using a demo account, assess the results, and start trading. The best trading platform India must have the following advantages:

  • Excellent software performance.
  • High speed of information processing.
  • Fast data visualization.
  • Complete set of data analytics tools.
  • Possibility of integrating user indicators.
  • Support for trading systems and technical tools.
  • Availability of automated trading software.
  • Multifunctionality of software – modes, orders, advisors, etc.
  • Support for statistics service and fundamental analysis.

In addition to the listed characteristics, a trading platform must ensure the safety and confidentiality of the trader’s financial and personal information. The platform interface should be simple and clear, and the navigation- convenient. Once you find such a terminal, you should start testing and working.

Best trading platforms in India

According to experienced traders, there are only a few trading platforms offering a good price/quality ratio. Using them, the market players will be able to enter the major stock exchanges.

Interactive Brokers

This broker enjoys a good reputation among the traders, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. The company’s main feature is that the trader can configure the account settings based on their financial capacity, leverage, and other essential factors.


The main principle of eToro is the so-called “social trading” when new users copy the transactions of more experienced traders. As a result, most of the transactions are closed with a positive balance, due to which many traders can obtain a certain amount initially.


Today, AvaTrade is a major international broker officially operating in five jurisdictions. The company offers a wide range of financial tools: over 50 currency pairs, more than 100 CFD stocks and funds, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and FX options.

IC Markets

IC Markets positions itself as a revolutionary in online trading. It has to do with the fact that the company acts as a provider of True ECN and claims to have an impeccable reputation among the investors. IC Markets provides favorable conditions for Forex trading and has a lot of regular customers.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking is an Indian broker that has been providing financial services since 1987. In Angel Broking, users can both trade forex assets and make investments (including with the help of consultants and managers). The platform offers a wide range of trading assets.

The platform offers its customers lots of training materials and tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

Zerodha KITE

This stock broker operates in the Indian market. According to the representatives of Zerodha KITE, it stands out among the competitors for its favorable trading conditions. Investors are suggested to invest their money in a wide range of financial tools, including stocks, derivatives, funds, etc.


Traders who are looking for a reliable Forex/CFD broker with extensive work experience and worldwide presence choose IG. IG Group companies are regulated by the local regulatory agencies in each country of operation. Due to a wide diversity of financial instruments traded, IG is ahead of many of its competitors.

There are a number of other equally popular trading platforms. The novice traders should choose a platform that provides an opportunity of opening a demo account for detailed testing of the program. Anyone can trade Forex – all you need is to start!