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How to Find Best Spread Betting Platforms

Spread betting is a relatively recent phenomenon. This type of trading shares many of the characteristics of the sweepstakes. Therefore, it can be used by both financial traders and gambling fans. While brokers traditionally set the specific spread rate (or the range in which the spread may fluctuate) for specific financial tools, spread betting involves placing a bet on each point of spread. It looks like a sweepstake inside the trading. Spread betting is a breath of fresh air for the traders who got tired of trading routine and want some thrill.

Basically, spread betting allows the speculator to set the price per each point of movement for the instrument he/she is trading. In addition, using spread betting, you can make money on both increase and decrease in asset prices.

Forex Spread Betting allows speculation on the movements of the selected currencies, securities, and other assets. Imagine that you see a typical financial chart “frozen” at a specific point. In order to move on from words to action, you need to choose two indicators, which form the basis of spread betting:

  • Bid (buy)- a price at which you can buy an asset;
  • Оffer (sell)- a price at which you can sell an asset.

Best Spread Betting Platforms

Forex Spread Betting is not a pure exchange tool and requires the use of special trading platforms. However, for experienced or self-confident traders, working with the best spread betting platform provides significant opportunities to enhance profits, increasing the risks and rates accordingly.

Our list of the most reliable brokers is as follows:

  1. IG
  2. eToro
  3. FXCM
  4. Pepperstone
  5. FxPro
  6. CMC Markets
  7. City Index
  8. Vantage FX
  10. ETX Capital
  12. Plus500
  13. Think Markets
  14. Spreadex

Keeping track of share prices helps the investor to make money fast by concluding sales transactions or adding an attractive asset to their own portfolio. In addition, knowledge of the current situation concerning financial instruments facilitates the acquisition of the most attractive of them before other traders.