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How to Choose the Best Fistula Treatment in Patna? 

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An anal fistula can be very painful and doesn’t heal on its own. The definitive treatment for anal fistula is only surgery. Hence, you need to consult an expert to choose the best fistula treatment of fistula as there are numerous surgical methods available. 

If you are seeking the best fistula treatment in Patna, we will help you explore the treatment options in detail. Read here and learn everything about the different treatment methods. 

How the best fistula treatment is decided?

The method for fistula treatment is chosen by the doctor after a thorough diagnosis of the disease. Some examinations like colonoscopy, X-ray, CT scan, etc. might be performed to determine the severity of the condition and to select the best treatment method. 

Usually, the doctor picks a method that ensures that the anal sphincter function isn’t affected.  As there are several methods, the right option depends on the position of the fistula and its channel or branches. Therefore, you should make sure that you consult either a proctologist or general surgeon to get the best fistula treatment. 

What are the treatment methods for anal fistula?

There is no medication that can repair and treat anal fistula. Only surgery can close the tract safely without causing any damage to the anal sphincter muscle. The aim of the surgical procedure is to make sure that the ring of muscle is preserved properly. 

The various treatment methods for anal fistula are given below:

  • Fistulotomy 

The most common fistula treatment in Patna and other cities is fistulotomy. It involves cutting the whole length of the fistula open so that it forms a flat scar. This method is only used when the fistula doesn’t pass through the sphincter muscles which minimizes the risk of incontinence as a result of surgery. 

Even if the surgeon has to cut through a small portion of the anal sphincter, it is done carefully to reduce the risk of incontinence. One disadvantage of using fistulotomy for the treatment is that it can cause the abscess or fistula to develop again after surgery. 

  • Seton Technique 

When a significant portion of the anal fistula passes through the anal sphincter muscle, the seton technique is recommended. The surgeon inserts the seton (a piece of surgical thread) inside the fistula to drain it without cutting the sphincter muscles. It is left in place and helps in healing the fistula. You may have to visit the doctor multiple times to check whether the fistula is healed properly or not. 

  • Advanced Flap Technique 

When fistulotomy poses a higher risk of incontinence, the surgeons choose the advanced flap technique for fistula treatment. In the procedure, the internal opening of the fistula tract is identified and a flap of mucosal tissue is cut from the corner. Then the flap is lifted to expose the tract for drainage and cleaning. After cleaning, the internal opening is sewn shut, and then the flap is placed over the closed internal opening. The external opening is also closed and left to heal. 

The success rate of this treatment method largely depends on the previous attempts made to treat fistula. 

  • LIFT Procedure 

Ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract (LIFT) is a procedure that is based on securing the location of the internal opening and removing the infected tissue. During the surgery, an incision is made inside the sphincter to identify the tract. Ligation is done of the tract and the infected tissues are scraped out carefully. Then the defected external sphincter muscle is sutured and left to heal. 

As it is a comparatively new procedure, it is hard to find surgeons who are trained and skilled in this procedure. In addition, more research is needed to determine how well this method works over the long term. 

  • Endoscopic Ablation

The endoscopic ablation of the anal fistula is considered a less invasive surgical treatment method. It aims to preserve the sphincter function and prevent fecal incontinence. During the procedure, a fistuloscope is inserted into the fistula for visualization of the tract. An electrode is passed through the fistuloscope to cauterize the fecal content stored in the tract. Once the tract is cleaned, the fistuloscope is removed and the internal opening is sutured or stapled, or covered by a mucosal flap. 

  • Laser Surgery 

Laser surgery is one of the best fistula treatments in Patna and in other cities. It is a painless and non-invasive surgical method that preserves the anal sphincter function and ensures that the fistula is treated properly. A radial fiber is inserted into the tract that emits light energy in all directions. The fiber is then pulled out that causes the fistula to shrink immediately. 

The light energy also improves the blood flow in the anal region and promotes tissue regeneration that allows the fistula to heal quickly. 

Laser surgery also has various other benefits that make it a superior method for fistula treatment. Besides that, it has minimal risks and leaves negligible chances of fistula recurrence. 

Are there any non-surgical treatment methods for fistula? 

There are also some non-surgical procedures available for the treatment of fistula in less severe cases. It includes:

Fibrin Glue 

In this treatment method, the surgeon injects glue inside the fistula to seal it off. This helps to encourage the healing process and allows the surgeons to treat the fistula without cutting the sphincter muscle. It is a simple method that has long-lasting results. And it is carried out under general anesthetic so that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure 

Bioprosthetic Plug 

Another non-surgical method for fistula treatment is inserting a cone-shaped plug that is made from animal tissue. It is used to block the internal opening of the fistula and the fistula tract is cleaned and left to heal naturally. It is also a simple procedure with no serious concerns. 

The Bottom Line 

As compared to non-surgical methods, surgical procedures are more effective to treat anal fistula. And amongst the surgical methods, the laser technique is regarded as the best due to its numerous benefits and minimal risks. 

If you are seeking the best fistula treatment in Patna, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care. They have a dedicated and professional team of proctologists and general surgeons who are skilled in performing laser-assisted surgery for the treatment of fistula.