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How to Choose the Right Attorney SEO Agency For Your Law Firm

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Long gone are the days of the phone book. The digital world is here to stay, and the legal industry has changed forever as a result. Today, most people turn to the internet when they need legal assistance. When someone has a legal question or wants to work with an attorney, they will most likely do a Google search to find solutions. Therefore, it is evident that attorney SEO has become a crucial factor in any law firm’s marketing.

However, an effective Law Firm SEO strategy requires a lot of time, dedication, and specialized knowledge. Some lawyers think they can handle all of that and their law practice simultaneously, but they do not realize the magnitude of the task they are facing.

If you are an attorney, the idea of being the senior lawyer, the content creator, the SEO strategist, the WEB developer, and the marketing specialist for your law firm may not be very appealing. After all, you invested a lot of effort and time to become a lawyer. You should be practicing your profession, not taking on other tasks that, while especially important, are not what you graduated for. Therefore, working with a Law Firm SEO agency may be the solution you need.

However, finding the right law firm SEO company for you is often more complicated than it seems. Many marketers offer unrealistic results or do not have the necessary knowledge to increase your online rankings. Therefore, you should choose carefully before entrusting the future of your legal practice to an SEO agency.  Here is a guide to choosing the right attorney seo agency for your law firm.

How can SEO help your Law firm?

First, you should know how SEO can help you cost-effectively promote your law firm.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the name given to a set of strategies aimed at improving your online rankings in the most important search engines on the web.

Nowadays, if your law firm is not among the first results in Google or Bing, it might as well not exist. SEO is key to drive qualified traffic to your law firm’s website. Then, you will have the opportunity to convert your visitors into paying clients.

Moreover, compared to other marketing strategies, SEO offers a much higher potential ROI. A solid SEO strategy intended for law firm marketing may bring you the same results as a huge advertising campaign, just for a fraction of the price.

What do SEO agencies do?

Simply put, Law firm SEO agencies will help you optimize your website and use various strategies to drive traffic to it.

SEO experts know the ins and outs of search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, they will properly advise you on the changes that need to be made to your website to make it more “friendly” to these platforms.

In addition, these companies will implement various methods to drive more people to your website. Some of the most used off-page techniques are link building, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Determine your goals

Before you start looking for an Attorney SEO agency, the first thing you should do is to determine what goals you want to accomplish. For example, you should do some initial research on the keywords you would like to rank for, the market you want to rank in, the practice areas you would like to target, etc. 

Initially, you may not know exactly what you want to accomplish. That’s okay; dedicated Attorney SEO companies, such as Legal Facts, will point out your possible goals during the initial consultation.

For example, let us say you are a bankruptcy lawyer in Miami, and you want to focus on getting local clients. In that case, your SEO strategy should focus on key phrases like “Miami bankruptcy lawyers,” “Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Miami,” and “Miami bankruptcy law firms.”

On the other hand, if you are a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, you will need to identify which legal queries your potential clients typically search for. Some keywords for this case could be “Car accident attorney in Dallas,” “Dallas Trucking accident Lawyer,” or “Personal Injury attorney in Dallas.”

Identify their services

You should keep in mind that not all Law Firm SEO companies offer the same range of services. Therefore, when you are looking for an SEO agency for your law firm, you should make sure to know what they can do for you.

Companies like Legal Facts offer the following:

  •       In-depth keyword research.
  •       Content marketing for link building.
  •       Customized videos.
  •       Website creation and optimization.
  •       Market research.
  •       And much more.

Plus, this new start-up is offering an exclusive guarantee for a limited time: If they do not increase your rankings in 3 months or less, they will work for you for free for up to a year. If you are still hesitating whether you should give Law Firm SEO services a try, this might be the time to take the next step. Learn more about their offerings here:

Not all attorney SEO agencies are the same

Keep in mind that not all Law Firm SEO companies out there are the same. Unfortunately, some marketers will try to convince you to hire them by offering unrealistic promises, or they may not be qualified to navigate the complicated world of legal marketing.

For example, if an SEO “specialist” promises you that your law firm will be at the top of Google in just a few months, be assured that they are lying. SEO is a long-term strategy. You will not get immediate results, but you could reap significant benefits further down the road.

On the other hand, if an SEO company tells you they can work for your law firm, but they have no prior experience in the legal field, you should think twice before accepting. The legal market is quite different from other markets. Marketers cannot directly recommend any lawyer and should be wary of suggesting unrealistic claims. By working with an agency with no experience in this field, you may be taking an unnecessary risk.

Look at past results.

An excellent way to know if a Law Firm SEO agency can help you is to look at their past results. If the company shows consistency, then it may be a good fit for your business.

Also, do not be afraid to ask for references from past clients. The experiences of former (or current) clients will indicate what you can expect when working with this company.

Set a clear budget

From the beginning, you should have your SEO budget in mind, even before you start looking for an agency to work with. Some uncompetitive law firm SEO services will offer you prices of a few hundred dollars, while other more comprehensive alternatives may cost you a few thousand dollars a month. Have an estimated ballpark in mind, and look for agencies with deals that fit your finances.

On the other hand, during the initial consultation, be sure to point out the SEO agency’s pricing structure. Some companies charge monthly, while others may work at hourly rates. Clarify all these details upfront, so you don’t get bitter surprises in the future.

Plan beyond SEO

SEO is an excellent alternative for rising attorneys who want to get long-term results and grow their law firm exponentially over the months and years. However, an SEO strategy alone will not grow your business as much as you might hope; other relevant factors must accompany it.

Primarily, you should make sure that your law firm offers excellent services to every client. Every satisfied customer will increase your firm’s prestige, and they may even recommend you to their friends and family in the future.

Also, on the marketing side, if you combine your traditional SEO strategy with a social media ad campaign and a website that features a sales funnel to maximize your conversions, you may see even better results. Some attorney SEO companies offer all these services at once and could help you create a brand that always works for you.

Schedule a consultation

A phone consultation will help you determine if a Law Firm SEO company can help you get the results you are looking for. This is the time to ask all kinds of specific questions about the process, their SEO techniques, and their pricing structure.

Plus, you may want to ask them about their avenues of communication with you. In many cases, you may not know what the SEO agency is doing for you at all times. Ask about their reporting methods and how you can follow up on their strategies.

On the other hand, be sure to note that they are not offering their services to other attorneys in your area. It may be counterproductive to hire an SEO company that also works for your direct competitors.


The digital marketplace is highly competitive and hostile to both emerging and seasoned lawyers. However, a law firm SEO agency can ease the burden of having to market your law firm and practice law at the same time. Start your search now and find the attorney SEO firm that best suits your needs.