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How to Combine Leveling with Earning Gold in World of Warcraft Classic

The main version of World of Warcraft has reached the stage when, due to the rendering of the project, there was an outflow of the bulk of the players and the developers from the Blizzard company had to find the best solution to keep the audience in which both hardcore and soft players would be satisfied.

The solution was found thanks to the restart of the World of Warcraft WoTLK, which was called the classic.

In wotlk classic boost is a good option for soft players who want to skip the farming part of the game and jump right into PVP and other activities. The rest of the players are advised to focus their pumping not on speed, but on efficiency in terms of earning gold.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go through the quest leveling system
  • Master professions from the first levels.
  • Go to dungeons and raids

Go through the quest leveling system

If the player strictly follows the quest leveling system, then he will follow the path of development dictated by the game – Blizzard developed the project so that all players feel comfortable and do not find themselves in situations where it is not clear what to do next. 

For this, a quest system is being developed that takes the character by the hand from the first levels and guides through all stages of development and explains the possibilities of the game world. The main activities run in parallel with the quests and can easily be skipped or not given serious importance. We will talk about activities and professions a little later.

Remember that quests are primarily a source of experience, and then equipment and gold.

Pretty quickly, the game will bring you to a level where you need enhanced equipment and weapons, and you will have to get it yourself, but if you spent time exclusively pumping, then you will have little gold, and you will need to urgently replenish stocks. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a balance and earn gold while pumping by all available means.

It is better to sacrifice experience in favor of gold and catch up quickly later than to be a high level in bad gear and not know how to proceed, since raids and PVP will require high-quality and effective equipment.

Master professions from the first levels

Professions in the game solve several problems for the player at once. They provide the character with additional gold and give new stages for development, so that at a high level your hero is in demand as an expert in one of the professions and can provide himself or the game market with equipment and things in the direction of which the profession was chosen.

During the leveling process, the player will encounter ore deposits, plants and herbs, and various animals.

Ore can be mined with a pickaxe, you will need to contact the NPC and buy it. Pickaxe breaks ore deposits, and you will receive rock and gems. Ore is useful in blacksmithing, and gems in jewelry.

Plants and herbs are collected in all locations where there is vegetation. Herbs are needed in alchemy to produce various potions and in first aid to make bandages and medicines.

Animals are killed for skinning. For the procedure, you will need a knife, which is bought from a special NPS. The hide can be turned into leather, which is useful in leatherworking to create light armor.

Please note that each character can only choose and master two professions, so it is recommended to choose related skills to make a full-fledged product.

The player can learn:

  • Blacksmithing – uses or to create heavy armor and various weapons. The profession is profitable due to the wide range of equipment that we can produce.
  • Tailoring – creates cloth armor for magic classes. Requires resources that are knocked out from monsters and is the only original profession.
  • Leatherworking – Uses leather to create light armor.
  • Jewelcrafting – Uses gems to craft unique jewelry with empowering effects, produces magical orbs, and adds gem sockets to weapons. The most difficult to learn, but also the most profitable skill.
  • Engineering – uses metal to create various mechanisms and devices.
  • Alchemy – uses herbs to produce potions of various kinds. Potions are attacking – inflict damage on the enemy, and defensive – increase performance or health.
  • First Aid – Uses plants to create bandages and antidotes.

Go to dungeons and raids

Dungeons and raids are the best way to get experience and valuable items.

A group of players enters the dungeon, attack monsters and destroy bosses for a random reward and experience.

It is always worth going through all possible dungeons, as this is a great opportunity to gain experience and valuable rewards in a short period of time, in addition, such trips are always interesting and dynamic.