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Reliable Proxies in the EU: What You Need to Know

In this article, we will tell you about EU proxies. And also about where to buy them and what to look for when choosing a proxy provider.

Yes, if you didn’t know, a lot depends on the choice of proxy provider! And we will take it upon ourselves to recommend one reliable provider.


It’s worth explaining what proxies are and how SOCKS relates to them. A proxy is a kind of intermediary between you and the Internet. When you google something and then go to the first site you like, the request goes directly from you to the site, and the response from the site goes back to you.

When connecting to a proxy, the request will first go from you to the proxy, from the proxy to the site. The answer will follow the same path in reverse order. A proxy allows you to mask some of your data and achieve a certain degree of anonymity.

SOCKS is a protocol for transmitting packages from a server to a client and vice versa using a proxy. To date, this is the most widespread and advanced technology for organizing the work of a proxy. There are two versions – SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5. SOCKS 5 is the latest and most advanced version of the protocol.

Choosing a quality proxy will allow you to bypass regional blocking and access sites that are only available in a certain territory. It will also allow you to achieve some degree of anonymity and security.

In addition, you can, for example, purchase a proxy server for your enterprise and connect the entire enterprise to this server. This will allow you to access the sites necessary for work, control the traffic of your employees, and independently restrict access to sites that distract your staff from work.

When planning to purchase a proxy, it is recommended to buy one of these particular versions. It is also worth paying attention to who you plan to buy proxies from. When choosing a proxy provider, you should pay attention to:

  1. Security. All your data and funds must be completely safe! And this should be dealt with by the provider, not you.
  2. Variety. A good provider will provide you with a wide variety of available locations and types of proxies, different packages with services, and it is possible to purchase proxies for both PC/laptops and mobile devices.
  3. Customer support service. High-quality service is always characterized by its quality and speed of work.
  4. Awards. This item is optional. Having awards from respected sources is always a positive thing.

For example, SOAX fits all of the above criteria. And SOAX will help you to have a high-quality proxy in your pocket wherever you go! 

Learn more about SOAX

SOAX is a fairly well-known proxy provider. Briefly about what it can offer:

  1. Individual approach. Tens of thousands of possible proxies with different addresses and locations – for any possible need.
  2. Availability. You can purchase different service packages for different prices with different services available. You can also create such a package of services yourself, while the price of such a package and the services included there will be selected individually for you.
  3. Reviews. SOAX is so confident in its abilities that it has integrated the TrustPilot review box directly into its website. You can look throw them if necessary.

Should you choose SOAX? You choose! Read the reviews and decide for yourself.