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How to Connect Drawing Tablet to PC

People use drawing tablets to make their art more effective and good. If you are an art lover, you must have a drawing tablet. And the ideal place to acquire it is as best tablet for cricut design space. After you unbox the drawing tablet, the first question is how to start it and connect it to a PC to work more efficiently. Don’t get worried about it. Connecting the drawing tablet to a PC is not that complicated task. It is easy to connect on Windows or Mac.

You have bought the best graphic tablet for you. Now it’s time to connect it to a PC to illustrate your art. Now you are searching for the post to help you connect the tablet to the PC. Stop searching further. In this detailed article by Tablets Wiki, you will find how to connect a drawing tablet to a PC.

How to connect drawing tablet to PC through USB 

Drawing on a tablet is just like the natural way of drawing, as you can draw on the tablet using a pen stylus. One can say that drawing on a tablet mimics paper drawing. For new users, you will get irritated because it took time to convert the mouse to the stylus. You can casually hold the pen, but it is used differently in drawing on the tablet.

Connecting drawing tablets on a PC through cable, USB, or wirelessly is a simple technique. It is as simple as putting your tablet on charging. Below here are the steps on how to connect the drawing tablet to the PC:

  1. Plug the cable ports to connect the tablet and PC. Once you attach the drawing tablet via a USB port, it will start working.
  2. Connect the stylus also using the cord or wirelessly, depending on the type of stylus.
  3. Now after connecting the drawing tablet, driver installation must be done. To install the driver, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. After driver installation, if you are using Windows 10, restart the computer. And if you are a Mac user, there is no need to restart the system.

Another way to connect the drawing tablet is by connecting the tablet via a USB cable, just like plugging it for charging. After connecting, a notification will appear that the device is connected successfully. 

How to connect the drawing tablet wirelessly or use a Bluetooth connection

If you don’t want to get in trouble with a cable connection, you can also connect your drawing tablet using the Bluetooth option. In this way, you can connect your drawing tablet without any cable or port and wirelessly. But first, you have to make sure that your drawing tablet and PC both should have a Bluetooth connection. 

Most drawing tablets come with Bluetooth connections, so you have to check whether your tablet has a Bluetooth connection or not. The Bluetooth connection will help you do your work without getting disturbed by cables. If your device has a Bluetooth connection, the other connection process is much easier. 

Follow these steps to connect the drawing tablet to a PC via Bluetooth:

  1. First, you should turn on the PC Bluetooth option. Open the PC setting, go to the connections, and click on the Bluetooth option. Your PC Bluetooth is on now.
  2. Now grab your drawing tablet. It’s time to turn on your tablet Bluetooth. Check if your tablet has a separate button for Bluetooth, or you have to use the power button to turn on Bluetooth. Check the button and then press the button for a long time so that blue blinking light will appear. It means your tablet Bluetooth is turned on now.
  3. Once you are done turning on the device’s Bluetooth. Pair the drawing tablet with your PC. Click connect or pair option on your PC.
  4. Now both your devices have connected successfully.


Drawing tablets are easy to handle and draw. You can casually use the drawing tablet as you are drawing naturally. In this post, I have gathered information about how to connect the drawing tablet to a PC. Hope you will find this post worthy, and you end up connecting the drawing tablet successfully.