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Implementation of AI in the Gambling Industry – New Opportunities for All Market Participants

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At all times, livecasino owners have observed visitors habits, their behavior and used this in order to encourage their customers to stay longer in the establishment and, accordingly, spend more money. Online gambling operators do something similar as they also collect information about their users in order to be able to anticipate their needs and behavior.

Online gaming operators use the collected information to analyze the behavior of their customers and identify factors that can help them retain players. In today’s world, many gambling brands mine the so-called “big data”, which provides them with important information about their customer base and uses it to improve the quality of the player experience, which usually leads to maximizing operators’ profits.

In addition, online live casino service providers are usually interested in understanding why players prefer certain games over others and use this information to gain some advantage over their competitors in the market. If this information is analyzed with accuracy and thoroughness, developers will be able to improve the design of their games and receive bonus points for improving the user experience.

And with the Artificial Intelligence technologies development, such research has become much easier and much faster. How else can Artificial Intelligence be useful for the gambling industry?

Personalization, ease of access and improved customer experience

Personalization and accessibility are areas where Artificial Intelligence can be extremely useful for online gambling operators. Sometimes gambling platforms may not be as easy to use as expected, or there may be factors such as text size or colors that can make the site more difficult for players to use. In this case, AI can help operators predict the needs of players and personalize the site in such a way that it meets the needs of users. It can also be useful in making the gambling site more accessible to customers.

Communication and assistance to gambling site’s customers

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, communication with customers can become much easier. Chatting with a robotic customer service agent may not be very interesting for players, so Artificial Intelligence can be used to replace this experience with more advanced bots that have access to users’ specific gaming habits and are better able to meet customer needs. More importantly, they are able to analyze the information collected during the communication process to provide a more personalized user experience and, if necessary, transfer the information to a real customer service agent. Currently, many online gambling sites have already implemented AI into their customer communication systems in order to interact with players verbally or via text messages.

AI for fraud prevention

Artificial Intelligence is now widely used for fraud detection as it allows companies to move away from traditional human error methods when they want to analyze data and find out if players are cheating. Often, AI fraud detection function is built into the online gambling platform itself, with related technologies automatically analyzing player behavior to detect suspicious activity, if any.

AI as a virtual player

Today, Artificial Intelligence can play just like real people. And even a little better. Development in this area is known, during the testing process played 44,852 hands against 33 members of the International Poker Federation. In the course of all games, Artificial Intelligence showed a success rate 5 times higher than that of experienced players.

And, perhaps, this development will not bring any visible benefit to ordinary online livecasino visitors, but you must admit – it is simply curious to try to beat such an opponent!