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How to Download Instagram Reels in Gallery?

Instagram Reels has gained a modern feature that allows users to make and share captivating short videos. The Instagram app makes it simple to watch Reels, but saving them to your phone’s gallery allows offline viewing and simple sharing. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS phone, in this post we’ll show you how to download Instagram Reels to your phone’s gallery using

Understanding Instagram Reels

Before starting the article, understanding Instagram Reels and how they operate is crucial. Reels are short films with a maximum runtime of 30 to 60 seconds that may be improved with soundtrack, effects, and artistic editing capabilities. They may be discovered in the Explore part of an Instagram user’s profile or on the Reels page, highlighting trending and well-liked material.

How to Instagram Reels Video Download in Gallery?

There are several methods to download Instagram Reels on your Mobile device.

By Using Instagram Reel Downloader on iOS and Android device

Use an Instagram Reels downloader to download Instagram Reels to your Android smartphone and iOS by doing the following steps:

  • Search for the Reel you want to download by opening the Instagram app on both devices.
  • Tap the three dots In the Reel’s upper right corner.
  • Select “Copy Link” to copy the Reel’s link to your phone’s clipboard
  • Open the Instagram Reel downloader application.
  • You can insert the copied URL into the appropriate app area by pasting it there.
  • To begin the Instagram Reels video download in gallery process, tap on the download button.
  • You may locate the downloaded Reel in your phone’s media library or gallery after the download.

Using Instagram Reel downloader software, you may quickly store and enjoy your favorite Reels on your Android and iOS device for offline watching.

Using Screen Recording in Android Device

Follow these instructions to use your Android device’s screen recording feature:

  • To reach the Quick Settings panel, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Search the list of quick settings for the “Screen Record” or “Screen Recording” icon.
  • To begin recording, tap the icon for screen capture.
  • You might be asked for permission to record your screen. To grant the required rights, please follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Put into action the activities you wish to capture on your gadget.
  • Swipe down the notification panel and hit the “Stop” or “Finish” button for the screen recording to end the recording.
  • The screen recording folder or your device’s gallery will save the captured video.

You may use your Android device’s built-in screen recording function to record and store your screen actions by following these instructions. 

Using Screen Recording in iOS Device

Follow these instructions to use your iOS device’s screen recording feature:

  • Swipe from the top-right corner of your device’s screen (or bottom edge on earlier models) to access the Control Center.
  • The “Screen Recording” button, which resembles a circle inside another circle, may be found there.
  • To begin recording, tap the screen recording button.
  • Enable microphone audio if requested to capture audio in addition to the screen.
  • Put into action the activities you wish to capture on your gadget.
  • Click the status bar at the top of the screen and choose “Stop” from the pop-up menu to halt the recording.
  • The downloaded Reel video will be stored in your phone’s Photos app or gallery.

You can efficiently utilize the screen recording function on your iOS device to record and store your screen activity by following these simple instructions.

Using Third-Party Instagram Reels downloader Apps on iOS and Android Devices

Follow these instructions to get Instagram Reels on iOS and Android devices via a third-party app. From the relevant app store, download a reputable Instagram Reel downloader. Open the app, then adhere to any setup directions. The Reel’s Instagram URL should be copied and pasted into the downloading application. You can start the Instagram Reels Video Download in Gallery procedure, and the Reel will be saved to the specified app location or the gallery on your phone. Explore more efficient Instagram-related tools by visiting

Access the Reel

Once the Instagram Reels video download in gallery, you may locate it in your phone’s media library or gallery. You may use it from there for your creative endeavors, share it with others, or enjoy offline watching.

Final Words

Instagram Reels may be downloaded to your phone’s gallery for easy sharing and offline use. Android and iOS users may quickly Instagram Reels Video Download in Gallery by following the instructions above. Explore, download, and share Reels to make the most of this fascinating feature. Start adding Instagram Reels to the gallery on your phone right away!