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How To Dress Casually And Still Feel Great


As fashion magazines themselves speak the language of rocking it with simplicity- you too can dress casually without losing the fashionista tag! But the first thing that pops up is how a simple and outfit can make a statement in the fashion world. Believe it or not, it is super easy! You can check out this article from Thread Curve for great information about how to dress for your body shape 

Speaking of easy, shopping for even casual outfits can get out of budget real quick! But with amazing deals available at the stores like Old Navy, you can get discounts of 40% and an extra 20% as a new user!

From a nice stroll in the park to a dinner date, we can sum it all up with casual attires and that would require just basics from your closet that everyone might already have and some tricks to make them super fashionable!

1. T-shirts and It’s Pair Up

When it’s about casualty who can ditch T-shirts? Especially not, when pairing it up with some bold bottoms and boots can give you a tint of stylishness. Well, a girly look is not far from its reach too when you will complete your attire with some trendy skirts and those sandals with straps. If slight aesthetics are mandated in your list then the accessories are not going anywhere. Yeah, you are all set!

As for T-shirts, I don’t think you need a store suggestion. I mean we all have our favorites already like mine is Old Navy and maybe that extra discount for the new users will fetch you too for the trial.

2. Jeans- Mandate of Casualty

Imagine a world where there is no such thing as Denim. Well, fashion gods will say that style has deteriorated in that case. Every era has its own style of jeans and you know what’s amazing for us in all that- that all those are back in this current one. Whether it’s 70’s Flares or the skinny ones or even the ripped ones, what matters now is your sense of donning them- what’s the pair-up outfit, footwear, layers, accessories, and all?

For a casual look, you can go for some crop top and that statement denim with killer heels. Also, those Drapes look great with printed shirts. For a change, loafers and stilettos are great alternatives to those heels, to sum up, your jeans look. I guess, Nordstrom will nicely help you out with all these and I should not forget to mention that you have a chance to take advantage of its clearance sale if you choose to shop now.

3. Skirts And The Transitional Season

When it’s about transitional season my best pickup becomes those skirts whether it’s a long one or minis. To be on the casual side, nothing matches them best than those T-shirts. Tuck them in the skirts and get a classy pair of boots or shoes if it’s about minis and for maxis team them with sandals or boots are not a bad choice here too. For an evening look head on to some funky tops or hoodies and layering with coats or scarves will prepare you well.

In terms of accessories, get a classy bracelet and something sort of drop earrings.

Macy’s and Zara have a great stock of all those styles of skirts and to bring down the cost Macy’s free shipping and 25% discount would help you out.

4. Layer Them Up With Jackets and Coats

I’m in love with Jackets and Coats- they suddenly lighten up your whole attire and don’t demand much attention and time. I mean if you are in a hurry, just get put on a denim jacket on and you re good to go. These layers are the best thing to play with when it’s about casual attire. You can also try some trends like that whole through white get up or those long bright jackets and yes you obviously cannot escape from pieces of denim in that matter.

For the footwear, I always liked the boots or shoes and it too depends on what you are wearing under that outerwear.

Well, as you are getting into a new form then the stylish outerwear is obviously required so, I should tell you that Next has amazingly stocked the best Jackets and Coats and that 40% discount making me run away for them.

5. Top The Chart With Hoodies

From wherever it came or whoever came up with the origination, I would say Hoodies have always been a bestie of mine. And more of that is because on one hand they are the comfiest attire and on the other, they are never off-trend. I mean, within few minutes I can convert that leisure wear hoodie into attire for lunch with friends. All we need for that is a pair of tracksuit pants or for a way more important occasion choose leather pants.

For a more aesthetic look, tuck them in and pair them up with some bright and chunky bottom wear. Also, I hope you are well aware of that trend to layer up the hoodies with classy outerwear- it’s one of my favorites!

Gap, Tommy , Nike all rocks when it comes to Hoodies but I guess that 60% off from Gap will compel you more.


Loving casual outfits over those shimmery ones doesn’t mean you can’t be a bellwether in the fashion world and being a bellwether also doesn’t mean you need to go overboard with your budget. You can easily cover them all in way less than the price that is there in your mind. So, as we said keep it simple with the deals of those popular stores and you already know that online shopping has always been on the upper hand. So, go for it!