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A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling on Walmart Marketplace

ECommerce marketplaces are a huge deal. The biggest marketplace sold over $1.5 trillion worth of items in each of the last few years. Even during the pandemic, online stores remain popular. They’re among the businesses that managed to thrive and raked tons of profits. Walmart Marketplace is one of them. While relatively new, it’s becoming a popular option for many people. Entrepreneurs should consider selling through this platform and increase potential profits. 

There were millions of people who visited this platform last year. Over 250 million visitors explored the page and considered it as an option for buying certain items. Most of them spent an average of four minutes checking out the page. It’s a good thing since there’s a huge chance of converting them into paying customers. In 2019, Walmart saw a 43% increase in overall profit. The trend is moving upward. It would be a mistake not to utilize this platform to sell products. 

Apply to be a seller

The first step is to apply to be a seller. The process is easy. There are some forms to fill out online. It would only take 10 to 15 minutes to finish the process. Most of them are about business registration details. Walmart needs to ensure that the business is legally operating. The list of specific products to sell will also be a part of the forms. Walmart will organize the different sellers according to the categories of products sold. Therefore, it is important to fill out the application form and way to become an official Walmart seller. Upon completion of the application, it will take days for Walmart to verify the information.

Complete the registration

Once Walmart already responded to the initial application document, the next step is to complete the registration. The business needs to provide more details. It includes the business address, bank details, and information relevant to the IRS form W-9. It’s also important to set up the payment details. The payments for every transaction made will go to the registered bank account. 

Provide shipping information 

Walmart also needs to know more details related to product shipment. It allows Walmart to charge the right fees. There’s a choice to charge shipping fees based on the total order price or weight. Walmart also provides options for delivery, including value, standard, next day, and expedited. If these options are available, it would be more appealing to potential customers. Walmart also provides an opportunity to set the transit time. There’s a range available so that the customers will know when their orders would probably arrive. 

Complete the partner profile

After submitting the information to Walmart, the next step is to complete the details for the website. The partner profile will be visible to potential customers. It includes specific information about the company. Service policies and shipping options would also be a part of the partner profile. Potential customers won’t only check out the products available but also browse information before trusting the brand. The return policy and privacy policy should be on the profile too. Customers need to know if they can return their orders without a problem along with the conditions. There’s no general rule regarding the return policy since it depends on the nature of the products. Walmart allows partners to determine the details of the return policy. 

Post the product listing

The product listing will be visible to potential customers if they start searching for information. Walmart offers different choices on how to present the list of products. It depends on the number of items in the catalog and their similarities. Walmart offers different solution providers, depending on the company’s needs. Find one that suits the requirements. 

The product listing should be clear for potential customers. Once they read the details, they should immediately know if the products are perfect for them. The words should be specific and easy to understand. Images should also be a part of the listing. People who prefer to purchase items online won’t have an opportunity to see or try the products before buying them. Therefore, it’s important that the listing is clear enough so that they can make a sound judgment.

Preview the page

After completing the product listing, the next step is to preview the page. Conducting a test order would also be necessary. If there are issues, it’s easier to address them before going live. Otherwise, these problems will happen once Walmart already starts selling the products. It could potentially affect the number of people who will decide to buy. The difficulty of putting an order after selecting the product would have terrible effects on the conversion rate.

Optimize the pages

The good thing about using eCommerce platforms like Walmart Marketplace is that there’s a built-in SEO advantage. It’s a popular platform, and it will most likely rank high in search engines. However, even within the platform, there’s tough competition. It’s important to optimize the pages so they will be more visible to potential customers. 

Start by writing a clear and concise title. It shouldn’t be too long and complicated since it can confuse. However, it shouldn’t be too short, either, that it would be too difficult to understand what the products are. 

The pictures also play an important role. They offer a glimpse of what the potential customers get upon buying the products. They also need to get optimized to appear once the customers search for the products. It’s even better if there are short videos that accompany the pictures. Explainer videos provide information on how to use the products. Some people want to order the items but are unsure about how to use them. The videos are critical in optimizing the page. 

Win the buy box at Walmart Marketplace

Walmart allows different sellers to sell the same products. When people look for these items, all relevant products will appear. However, it would be great if the company wins the buy box. It’s the highlighted seller. In a way, it’s an endorsement of the products sold by the business. It will help in easily standing out against other companies offering the same items.

Using Walmart Marketplace is a smart move, and it will help the company sell more products and increase profits.