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How To Earn Money As A TikTok Content Creator

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Earning money as a social media influencer is often seen as an impossible goal.

It’s certainly true that earning a living as a social media content creator is more difficult than it seems, but there’s no real prerequisite for entry; anybody could potentially be the next big social media star.

Nowhere is this more true than on TikTok, where a broad range of different content types and subject matters have seen their creators become famous almost overnight on the platform.

Of course, you can’t just pick up your phone, make one TikTok video, and become renowned (unless you get lucky, of course).

There are plenty of things you’ll need to do if you want to transition from a TikTok enthusiast to a genuine earner on the platform.

Here are some of the ways you can increase your chances of earning money as a TikTok content creator!

Get more eyes on your content

Follower counts are not the be-all and end-all on TikTok, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

Thanks to the For You algorithm, your video stands a chance of being seen by people who aren’t necessarily following you, but the higher your follower count, the more eyes you’ll have on your content. It stands to reason, right?

Naturally, the best way to rack up followers is simply to keep creating content efficiently, but there are other things you can do to assist the process.

Sites like can help you to boost your followers and likes, giving you a chance of staying competitive in an industry that can often feel very cutthroat indeed.

Seek out brand partnershipsPerhaps one of the most lucrative earners for TikTok content creators is the brand partnership.

When a brand partners with an influencer, they essentially pay that influencer to promote their product. You’re often free to create whatever content you like as long as it includes a promotion.

This is probably the main way that social media influencers earn money; that is, after all, why they’re called “influencers”. They influence other people to make purchasing decisions.

As such, you should be seeking out reputable and reliable brand partnerships wherever you can. Be sure to carefully vet every brand that approaches you, as not all of them will be worthwhile.

Sign up for the TikTok Creativity Program

In May 2023, TikTok announced that creators in the US with at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 “authentic video views” had become eligible for the TikTok Creativity Program beta.

This program is designed to help creators generate more revenue by implementing a more in-depth dashboard that shows stats like estimated revenue and video metrics.

Naturally, the program itself isn’t a guaranteed way to make money; such a thing doesn’t exist in the world of social media.

However, it should help you to understand what type of content you should focus on if you want to increase your chances of making money on TikTok and becoming a professional content creator.

The downside, of course, is that you already need to be somewhat successful to sign up to this program, so it’s only really an option once you have an established base.

Use Patreon

Patreon is one of the most popular platforms around for content creators, because it allows them to ask fans for direct monthly donations in return for perks.

Patreon is essentially platform-agnostic; you can use it no matter where your main source of income is, which is why so many creators from so many different fields have signed up for it.

If your content enjoys a hardcore, dedicated fan base, then Patreon is a great way to potentially monetise that fan base. In return for their money, your fans get to continue watching your content just as they like it.

It’s also a good idea to offer specific perks and bonuses to your Patreon subscribers, because otherwise, they might feel like you’re just putting your regular content behind a paywall, which they might resent you for.

Sell merchandise

It’s an unfortunate fact of TikTok that many of the ways you can monetise your content involve already building up a base before you try, but that is sadly the nature of the beast.

With that said, one of the ways you can potentially generate income from TikTok is to sell merchandise with your influencer “brand” on it. You could sell T-shirts, for instance, or bags, or mugs, or any other kind of merch.

This will usually require you to have a strong identity as an influencer, which means that you’ll be known for creating a certain kind of content.

Merchandise – or exclusive access to said merchandise – could also be a potential Patreon reward, so you can tie in different elements of your monetization to create a holistic scheme.

Don’t be too overt

This is more of a general tip than a specific method you can use to monetise your TikTok content, but again, there’s really no guaranteed way to make money from the platform.

It’s a good idea not to be too obvious or overt when you’re selling things on TikTok, whether that be your own merchandise, your Patreon, or anything else you’re monetising.

This is because TikTok users are generally known to prize authenticity and honesty, almost more than any other social media platform, and they don’t like insidious advertising.

When you’re selling things, be honest and upfront, but don’t be too in-your-face and don’t sound too desperate.