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How to Effectively Prepare for Class 5 IMO 

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Preparation in today’s world needs a holistic approach. There is a paradigm shift in the whole process of examination as the world turns digital. Taking into account the seriousness of the syllabus and academic curriculum in grade 5, the right approach is needed.

  • Reading and solving questions 

One needs an extensive reading of various topics and syllabus. Reading once helps to get an idea about the topic and reading multiple times helps to imbibe the whole concept a lot better. Reading plays a very vital role in understanding concepts in maths. Thus, should not be neglected. The next great thing to do after reading is practising questions. Solving questions given in the exercise sections not just once but multiple times is required. This practice of questions will retain the concepts for years to come to your mind. The conscious practice of every single topic is required to reach the advanced level in the subject.

  • Review 

There is a constant need to review your practice, preparation and strategy. One can review the practice by analysing the performance in tests and self-tests such as IMO Class 5 2013 Question Paper solving previous year papers. One should review preparation by consistent testing of the concepts read on a daily and weekly basis. These short and quick tests will help you do more practise and evaluate your preparedness for the topics. The review of strategy is extremely important. Following a strategy that is not working for you will lead to failure. Consider suggestions of your teachers and parents while forming a plan. Your plan should fulfil all your needs and help to enhance your progress and performance. So, be involved in the process and keep a check on all performance parameters.

  • Ask questions 

The more inquisitive you are the more would be your desire to attain knowledge and succeed. Stay curious about concepts, derivations and theorems. Your interest in the subject will take you to new heights in terms of your skill in the subject of concern. Always ask questions from your teachers, mentors and tutors. Your preparation would be very smooth and strong. You will find new ways to solve, evolve and deal with problems in the subject and in general in life, too. Your teachers will be more than happy to help you clear your doubts. (Tip- always practise your doubts twice.)Your tutors or mentors will provide you with additional educational material and content to dwell on to gain clarity. Therefore, be greedy for knowledge and answers. Don’t shy away from asking questions however small/minor they might be. 

  • Maintain timetable and lists 

One needs an organised and planned schedule to undertake the International Mathematics Olympiad. This exam has an additional syllabus and a Higher Order Thinking Skills section of its own. Thus, to take up all these questions and concepts along with the routine curriculum is a task in itself. The timetable will keep you consistent and regular in your practice and learning. The lists such as list your strengths and weak concepts will help shape your strategy to attempt in the exam. The list of topics covered and yet to be covered should always be up to date. Your planned attempt give a huge boost to your hold on the subject and confidence.

  • Reach out for help and guidance 

Considering your young age the exam pressure can be overwhelming sometimes. You would need constant motivation and inspiration from within and from near and dear ones. Your parents will be your strength in times when you find it hard to clear the concepts in one go. Always talk to them and communicate about your problems in life and concerning the subject as well. Your teachers and tutors are experienced and specialist in their subjects. They are the right person to go to for help of any kind in regards to subject, strategy or education. Their opinions and suggestions are valuable always consider them. If you imply them you will see positive change for sure. Also, be prepared for bad or tough days as not every concept can not be your forte. Here comes the role of your family, friends and teachers.

  • Summarize 

This is one of the most neglected and non-considered parts of the preparation journey. This is a very crucial step but not all students are aware of it. The importance of summarizing the syllabus and revision can not be undermined. Your brain processes information in distinct categories and concepts. Thus, when you do a collective revision of the whole syllabus in short bullet points and summary brain grasps the concepts and interlinked topics even better. This is the final process after the completion of the syllabus once. The summary gives a highlight view and gist of the complete and extensive syllabus. The practice of summarizing during the final days of preparation is what sets toppers and medium-scorers apart. Thus, every step matters. Don’t skip any part of preparation. It comes down to tiny details in the preparation that distinguishes sincere students from the rest.

  • Keep provision to do HOTS and change 

Always plan to keep extra time in the practice period. The more one prepares the best one gets in the subject. The Olympiad is designed to have a balanced approach but has much higher-order thinking (H.O.T) questions. These are not a regular textbook syllabus. These demand extra attention and practice. Thus, when you are planning to prepare and give your best attempt, then don’t skip the practice of these advanced level questions. These questions will keep your mind engrossed and help develop a deeper understanding of the concepts. If you train your brain to crack these questions with extensive brainstorming sessions you are bound to succeed in not just this one exam but many others as well. Once you develop this habit of targeting the tougher sections you will keep polishing your skills and updating your knowledge. Remember to do so your basics should be strong and enough practise of every concept. Spend time on basics first. Have a step-by-step approach. Take every step with care and don’t skip any. And eventually, your hard work will pay off and you shall succeed.

Good luck.