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Preparation Tips for Class 10 English Before the Exam

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Usually, students lack the preparation of English and give importance to the other subject. But today English has to be given equal importance and has to be studied with full focus and dedication. This will also add up to the overall percentage. If you want to score well in class 10 all the subjects are important and especially English is very valuable for your future career as well.

Class 10 syllabus consists of two books are the main book is the first fight and the supplement reader is Footprints without Feet both of them are very important and have to learn with the understanding the storyline of the chapters and the concepts of the poem. You can download First Flight Class 10 NCERT Book and start the preparation. Simultaneously you can also refer to Vedantu’sNCERT chapter-wise solution.

Preparation tips

Now hope that you have completed the syllabus it’s time to have a quick revision of the chapters whatever you have studied. Now check the days left for the exam. If you have 7 days left for the exam then divide the chapter into these 7 days. Since it is a revision it should not take much time.

What is revision? Practice writing the answers. It is not possible to write all the answers. So you can just choose one or two and write them. This is just to brush up on the writing speed. You can note the mistakes and rectify them.


Reading the chapters loud is very important. Since the chapters are more you cannot read all the chapters but you can always read some of the chapters are the poem so you will remember the words that have been used.


Grammar is very important and you can brush up on the topics and the rules of each. Practice on the essay and the letter writing. These are required for the last minute revision. Whenever you have the topic write the relevant content.

Names of authors and the Poet.

Revise the names of the Authors and the poets as this is very important and you should know the names perfectly. It is very important to give the name of the poet and explain the concept while giving any explanation of the poem.

FlashCards and Notes.

Go through the fah cards and the notes which you have prepared. Check on the important points. This will help you to recollect the points.

Previous year papers.

Solving this will give you the revision of all the topics and the chapters. If any doubt persists for any topic you will have time to rectify the mistakes.

Be positive.

Don’t have any exam fear. Trust yourself and be positive. Stay calm and revise as many times as possible. Don’t try to learn any new chapters at the last moment. This will create lots of confusion.

Tips on the examination day.

Have proper sleep.

It is very important to get proper sleep and rest a day before the exam. Unless the mind and body are relaxed so it is in the proper frame to be fresh and energetic the next day. Don’t study for too long the previous day you can just brush up some important points written in the notes. Just close your eyes for a few minutes and try to focus and analyze what are the topics you have learned and important names. Don’t stress too much Just be relaxed and calm.

Day of the exam

Wake up early do some exercise, freshen up and have a proper breakfast. freshen up and have a good breakfast. Check on the stationery and the important documents which have to carry to the examination hall. Don’t go through any books or notes. Whatever you have studied and prepared is enough.

Before entering the examination hall.

When you go to the school on the day of the exam you will be meeting your friends. Make sure not to discuss anything about the subject or the exam. This will just create confusion and panic in the mind. Sobe positive and confident and enter the hall.

In the examination hall.

When you receive the question paper just spare a few minutes and go through all the questions. Don’t start writing immediately. First, analyze the easy ones and difficult ones and also know the one which you can write it fast. Attempt those first. Mae sure to put the numbers correctly and answer orderly. In case you are keeping anything to be written later then leave the required space but don’t change the order or the sterility as this will create confusion ad waste your time. 


Sometimes it is very common that we forget what we know and often get panic. It is very common during the exam. You might just go blank for a few minutes. Don’t be panic but take a deep breath close your eyes then you start writing for the answers and you will remember everything. 

Concentrate and focus on yourself

Don’t concentrate and lose your focus on what others are doing. Just focus on you and the paper and see how well you can answer in a compatible way. Focus on what you have to do. Do not divert your attention.

While answering.

When you are answering any question first understand what is asked and just don’t fill the paper but write with proper content so it is interesting for the person who reads it.

After completion of the answer sheet.

Once you have completed the answer sheet don’t be in a hurry to go out of the examination hall. Revise properly and see if all the answers have been answered. If you have the answers in order then it is very easy for you to check them.

After the exam.

Don’t keep discussing the exam once you are out of the examination hall. Just go home relax and do your favourite things and munch some of your favorite chocolates or nuts and relax. If you have a gap for the next exam then you can start once you are fresh and ready for the revision.

Following the simple tips, it becomes easy and stress-free.