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Effective Study Tips for Class 12 Accountancy

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Class 12 Accountancy is crucial. Students will be deciding their careers after class 12. Class 12 Accountancy should be easy for the students who would have focussed and concentrated on the basics in class 11. The board exams are very important and if the students have to have stress-free studies it is better to start from day 1. Accountancy is in class 12 is very important from the examination point of view and also for the future career. 

There are two parts in class 12 Accountancy. They are  Acoountancy -I& II

Accountancy-I has 5 chapters and Accountancy -II has. There is a total of 5 chapters in Accountancy-II has 6 chapters.

The chapters in Accountancy-I are Accounting for Not for Profit Organization, Accounting, Accounting for Partnership, Reconstitution of a partnership firm(Admission of Partner), Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm(Retirement or a Death of a Partner), Dissolution of Partnership Firm.

The chapters in Accountancy-II are Accounting for a Share Market, Issue of Redemption of Debentures, Financial Statement of a Company, Analysis of Financial Statements, Accounting Ratios, Cash Flow Statement.

Class 12 Accountancy has some topics in computerised accounting also. They are SpreadSheet, Use of Spreadsheet in Business Applications, Graphs and Charts for Business Data, Database Management System for Accounting. The proper distribution of the topics has to be done and prepared accordingly.

Students should always plan the studies analyzing the chapters and also their strengths and weakness.

Important tips for class 12 Preparation.

The first and the most important step to have an effective study preparation is the proper study plan which is your timetable for your daily routine. Knowing the syllabus and the contents structure a timetable for the day-wise studies. You can also include the timing for each topic and also the break timings between. This will help you to be regular, systematic, punctual, and disciplined.

Best time to study.

Accountancy is mainly about calculations so if you are comfortable with the morning hours you can make some during the morning hours and so topics that do not involve many calculations and it is more theoretical can be preferred in the evening. The best time is to study in the morning where you can grasp the topics in a fresh mind. However, it again depends on each student whichever the time is convenient. 

Reference Books. 

The NCERT text is the best for the preparations. If you are well versed with all the topics in the text then it is enough for the preparation. If you want to reference the book along with the text you can check the reviews and buy one of them. Check the topics and the contents before buying. You can click on the link for the textbooks NCERT Books for Class 12 Accountancy.


Don’t just start memorizing the definition. Before doing so understand the meaning and the concept. This will help you to remember easier.


Students should know that just memorizing will not help them get a proper grip on the topics. The written exercise is equally important. When you practise writing the learning will be in a significant way.

Learning Formulas.

Students should memorise all the formulas in Accountancy. Memorizing is important but they should also know the derivation of the formulas. This way there is no chance of forgetting or even if they forget they can always retrieve it easily. Try to write the formulas of each chapter in one sheet and revise every day.


There are many calculations associated in Cass 12 Accountancy. Students should be very careful and avoid careless mistakes. This is a very general mistake where students can lose marks. The best way to come out of this problem is just the practice.


Students should learn the proper arrangements according to the requirements. Practising the drawing formats will be very helpful.

Preparing of Ledger Accounts.

When you make the ledger accounts it is always better to place all the entries in the proper accounts respectively. This will look systematic and also easy.

 Preparation of Notes.

Preparation of the notes and reviewing them periodically is very important. Make your notes organized by giving the heading and the subheadings. Highlight the essential topics. Ns also you can use different colours to differentiate easily.


Revising the topics daily is a very good habit. It has to be practised without fail.

Revise those topics which you would have had complexity in understanding.

Revise the formulas every day. And you can plan on the revision by making a separate plan.  This way you will not have the confusion of what topic to revise. Everything will be noted making it more systematic.

Solving the previous year’s question paper.

When you are certain that you have prepared the chapters you can try to solve the previous years’ question paper. This will help in improving your writing skills and also you will know the precise exam pattern and different types of questions asked. You can appraise and know the errors and rectify them. 

General tips to follow while writing the exams.

Students should develop proper time management skills so they will be certain of the completion of the paper in a given time. They should be very cautious in employing the time for the questions in a relevant way.

Writing in the right formats, assets with proper heading and the title of the assessments is very important and it looks very presentable.

The rough work or any working should be properly shown.  Don’t think that it a rough work and you will do it clumsily.. This will not give a proper impression. Whatever is being done do it neatly and in the right way.

Students should concentrate and read the questions carefully and write relevant answers. Just don’t fill up the answer sheet which will not fetch you any marks. Answer to the point and don’t go out of the way in answering

These are the simple and effective tips that will help in the systematic preparation.