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Tips to Score High Marks in Class 10 Science Exam

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Science is one of the important subjects and can be scored high just like Mathematics.

However, performing well in the subject in class 10 might seem difficult if you are not acquainted with the concepts. You should have regular study sessions and revision of the topics.

Syllabus in class 10 Science.

All three subjects are included in the single edition in class 10 Science.

There are a total of 16 chapters. All chapters are important and have to be learned with equal importance and focus. 

The chapters are  Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids Bases and Salts, Metals and Non-Metals, Carbon and its Compounds, Periodic Classification of Elements, Life Processes, Control and Coordination, Heredity and Evolution, How do Organism Reproduce, Light Reflection and Refraction, Human Eye and the Colourful World, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Source of Energy, Our Environment, Management of Natural Resources.

Tips to score high marks in science.

 The very first step is to know the syllabus and the contents and make a study plan accordingly. It is also very necessary to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Once you know the syllabus, prioritize according to the weightage of marks.  If you want to score high then every topic and the chapter should be given equal importance.

Generally, the topics which carry the maximum marks are  Heredity and Evolution, Life Processes, Control and Coordination in Biology,  Carbon and its compounds in Chemistry and Electricity, Light Reflection and Refraction in physics. These chapters have to be extremely well studied to be sure about your scoring.

Preparation of Notes.

Preparation of notes is very vital to score good marks. The important points to be taken down while reading the chapter. Highlight the point which you think has to be read daily. Give proper heading and the subheadings and make it very organized.

Review the notes after writing the topics. It is very important to check if you have jotted down all the details or not. During the exam, you will be revising the notes so make sure that all the points are written.

Mock Test and previous question papers

After completing each chapter you can take chapter-wise mock tests. This will give the accuracy of the preparation and also the confidence. You can take one or two mock tests to have ample practice.

Solving the previous year’s question paper is very effective. This will give exactly the way the questions are given in the exam and also the types. This will help you to practise writing the answers according to the marks and boost your confidence level. Students will be able to get good time management skills as well.

For more details about the question papers, you can refer to CBSE Class 10 Science Previous Years’ Question Papers.

Strengths and Weakness

Once you know the areas of weakness you can devote more time to that area and improve. That could be formulas, equations, or the names of the elements. This can be grasped easily if you read every day. Make a note of all the formulas and the equations in one book so that it is easier for you to revise on a daily basis.

Reference Books

 Referring to too many books will just create confusion. Your textbook will be the best to study. Along with the textbook referring to NCERT solutions will be more than enough. If you gain the perfection of the NCERT you can be sure of your high score. There are many practice questions at the end of each chapter to get adequate preparation.

Section-wise tips and suggestions

The CBSE class 10 is divided into three sections that are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Each section is very important and a good study strategy can be a great help in excelling the subjects.


This subject needs a conceptual understanding so the numericals can be solved easily. Practise the formulas and theorems regularly. There are many diagrams in this and it is not easy to get in a day or two. Practise regularly so you reach a perfect level. These subjects are easy to score if you prepare properly. Diagrams will help to have better clarity of the concepts. This will get captured more easily in your mind.


While preparing the subject try to prepare short notes for the topics. The formulas and the compound names can be written in a particular area so it becomes easy to go through every day. As these cannot be learned in a few days. It needs repeated learning. There are some chemical names and equations which need to be memorized. It is not possible to memorize in a single day. Divide the total number of the names or a few equations and formulas to do for each day. Revise every day. You will see that you would have memorized all of them. 


Biology has lots of diagrams on almost all the topics. Practice every day. So you will be able to draw a systematic and neat diagram. All the chapters are very important so don’t skip on any topics.

Now some tips to follow during the exam.

You might be able to write the correct answers but it is also important to make them presentable. Which can fetch you better marks.

While answering use pointers and highlighters wherever possible. If you are not able to highlight them you can also underline the important headings.

Whenever you are writing long answers, support them with the appropriate diagrams. This will give a better appeal to the examiners. You can also support your answers with the tables and charts if required. Basically, you have to write answers correctly and also it should look neat. 

Maintain an appropriate gap between the two answers. You can also draw a line after completion of each or you can leave a line and start the next.

All the methods and the tips are simple and easy. This will be effective only if followed in a proper manner and also regularly.