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How to Escape from Daily Routine

Our lives are constantly changing, and society around us does the same. We are the sum of what we experience in our daily lives and each of these things changes the way we think, see things or react to them. 

It’s very easy to become accustomed to a lifestyle, in time, but very hard to change it. We all prefer to remain in our comfort zones where we have the false idea of control, where we know the variables. Trying to leave our comfort zone is a difficult task, but not impossible. It all starts with small things and little changes. 

For some, these little changes can mean anything from reading a new book to going outside for a walk, travelling to new places or just heading to the online casino play for real money for a quick session. It doesn’t matter as long as it works for you, and it is beneficial, that’s why below, you will find a couple of ideas to help you break your daily routine. 

Get a new hobby

If you feel trapped in your routine, one of the easiest ways to get out is to find a new hobby. It will keep you busy, and it will also help you meet new people. Technology is not bad at all, especially if used properly and social media communities based on certain common interests are easy to find. Pick one of them to join, and before you know it, you’ll have plenty of new friends to share your newly found hobby.

Finding a new hobby is easier than one might think. Just sit back a bit and think of what you would like to do. Are you a creative type or the active type who wants to be in the middle of the action? Narrow down the possibilities until you end up with just a couple of them, at which point, you can start searching more about them before deciding which one fits you the best. 

Do volunteer work

A philosopher once said, “If you help others, you help yourself”. Far from being a cliche, a little bit of volunteer work will help you break the pattern and give you a feeling of fulfilment. Our society is in great need of help, and it’s easy to find organisations looking for volunteers near you. 

Don’t do it out of obligation; instead, find something you truly believe in. It doesn’t matter if you like singing with old people in an asylum, taking toys to kids in an orphanage or lending a hand at your local zoo or local animal shelter. Just do whatever makes you feel like you are really making a change. Before you know it, you will be in a new mindset that can change your life forever, in a good way. 

Pick up a book

As our lives become busier, it becomes increasingly harder to find time and just sit down with a cup of tea and an amazing book. However, there is nothing that makes you forget about the daily routine or the course of time like a good book. Taking a trip to the library regularly can break the habit since you have the chance to socialise with like-minded people and share a couple of ideas. Besides a good book, a deep conversation will also take you out of monotony.

If you like books a lot, you can consider joining a book club, either a physical one or a book group on a social media platform. You can easily exchange books or find rare electronic books for free. If, on the contrary, you are not much into reading novels and you are a more practical person, reading doesn’t have to be taken out of the equation. You can very well search for technical books on your topic of interest, maybe your hobby, and improve yourself this way or put new ideas into practice. 

Head to nature

If you are the active type that feels deeply connected with nature, finding a local book club or a social media community that shares your hobby might not help you a lot. Instead, you can try to disconnect a bit from your responsibilities, turn all technology off and just head out to a park or a forest. 

You don’t need to go running or do any other form of exercise if you don’t feel like it. Just a regular, relaxing walk can make a big difference. Having your mind clear and relaxed can help you see your problems from another perspective.   


Travelling can greatly improve your mindset, therefore, your life for the better. It makes you experience change, it builds courage, it helps you grow and see new things. If you haven’t travelled a lot in your life, it might be best to start off small, just take a different path when you are returning home, search for attractions in your city or your region that you have never seen before, go out in town and try new foods.

Many people think that travelling is just about walking far distances and seeing new places and somehow it does include that, but it’s often the journey that brings the change, not the destination. Meeting new people and experiencing new things can quickly bring in a fresh perspective about your life that you have never considered before.

As society becomes faster, now more than ever, changing our mentality is harder. In these crucial times, it’s essential to find a way to stay focused and break the pattern from time to time, just to get a new point of view. In the end, getting out of your comfort zone creates new opportunities and opens new horizons.