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How to Get a Big Win in Online Bitcoin Slots

Slot machine configurations

Video Slots are a modern way to spend time with pleasure. At the moment, there is a wide variety of video and bitcoin slot machine games from different providers with different technical characteristics. But Slot is not just a beautiful picture with rotating symbols, as it might seem at first glance.

responsible for winning combinations. Each slot has its own winning combinations, which can go horizontally, vertically, zigzag, broken line, star, and all the possible options for the Each Slot consists of reels and paylines. Drums are lines that run vertically, and paylines are those that run horizontally. Behind the screen of this process are complex algorithms that are curved line. This system works in almost every slot, nevertheless, there are characteristics by which each game is different.

What means RTP

The main difference between all slots is the percentage of RTP. This indicator, which means a return to player, is a percentage that shows how much in percentage will return to the player from his bet. The average percentage of RTP for all slots is 95.6%. For example, if the RTP is 100%, this means that the player and the casino have a slot odds of a draw. In order to calculate the percentage of RTP, you can use a simple formula. You need to divide the winning amount by the size of the bet and multiply this number by 100%.

Despite the fact that this is the main indicator of a winning online slot, these are still static charges that can change during the game itself. Therefore, relying solely on this indicator when choosing a slot is not worth it.

Online bitcoin slots with higher RTP

Nevertheless, choosing a game from a large stream, not knowing the provider, and not playing games before, RTP is the first indicator that you should focus on. We present to your attention the top 5 slots with a high percentage of RTP, in which the player can play at 7Bit:

1. Lucky Cat – with RTP 95%
2. Total Overdrive – with RTP 96,8%
3. Arabian Spins – with RTP 96,55%
4. Super Sweets – with RTP 95,2%
5. Devil’s Heat – with RTP 95,08%

For complete enjoyment, convenience, and enrichment of the game, we recommend betting in Bitcoins. You can simply use any online currency converter to change the standard currency to bitcoin. Playing for bitcoins, the player receives the following privileges:

⁃ Anonymity or the ability to not indicate your real name
⁃ Speed of transactions, both deposits, and cash withdrawals
⁃ Security thanks to the Provably Fair system
⁃ Deposits with the lowest fees

The probability of winning

The winnings in the slot are immediately affected by several main factors.

1. The percentage of RTP is responsible for the algorithms and calculations of the likely win. Also, another static calculation of the Mersenne Twister algorithm, also known as a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG), is also responsible for the probability of winning. This algorithm is not used in all slots but guarantees complete randomness of the occurrence of numbers. Since this system has worked based on the use of Mersenne numbers.

2. In addition to the algorithms, the mechanical characteristics of the slot also affect the winning of the slot. For example, a Slot with more than one hundred paylines will be more winning than a Slot with 25 paylines. The jackpot amount is also influenced by special characters such as the multiplier, Wild, and Skaters.

Final words

Online video slots are a great opportunity to have fun in your free time without leaving your home. If you have never played video slots, then you should definitely try to do it now because:
• Huge selection of games on 7Bit website, which you will not find in a land-based casino
• An ability to bet in different currencies, including bitcoins, which is not accessible with traditional slots
• Convenience and comfort – you can play from any place suitable for the player, as well as from any mobile device
• An ability to independently view the honesty of the game thanks to the algorithms
• An ability to play in the demo version, without making bets in real currency
• Reliability and security with cryptocurrency betting

Online slots are not primarily a way to make money, but a way to have fun, so try it!