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How to Increase the Visibility of Your Website and Generate Conversions with Instagram

Despite having substantial Insta followersare you still trying to grow your brand presence and reputation on Instagram? You are not the only one facing this frustration. With the rise in Instagram’s popularity among business houses for professional social networking and community building, the platform has become a challenging competitive space for many to find a breakthrough on. 

It may be disheartening for a new account holder or someone seeing a decline in followers and overall platform growth. But it is important to remember that patience, hard work, and careful planning can quickly help you overcome this phase. Let’s start with understanding the basics first. 

How Is Your Visibility Determined on Instagram?

Instagram algorithms consider several things when determining your visibility on the platform. Here are a few things that are important here: 

  1. When you have posted content and how soon after it is attracting engagement. 
  2. Who usually interacts with your account.
  3. Whose accounts do you typically interact with?
  4. What type of posts bring you the most meeting. 
  5. What hashtags have performed best in drawing attention to your content?

Note: As Instagram arrived to give each user an individualized experience on the platform, your visibility would be slightly different on each user feed. So while your content may be featured on top for someone who frequently interacts with you, a follower who hardly engages with your account may need to learn that you have posted fresh content. 

What Do Instagram Conversions Mean?

Now let’s understand the concept of conversions. Conversion means your audience has done what you wanted them to after seeing your post, usually by performing a simple CTA. It could be:

  • Visiting your site.
  • Buying through your shoppable tag.
  • Filling out questionnaires or survey forms.
  • Sharing your post or making a mention of your account on their account.
  • Connecting with you via comments, DM, or any other means.
  • Becoming your subscriber or joining your email list.
  • Downloading your app or leaving you a review/feedback.

Why Aim for More Conversions Along with Visibility? 

As you can see from the above definitions, getting the visibility of your posts will only work as a way of building the face of your brand, whereas getting conversions will help your business achieve its goals and even make profits. The two need to work hand in hand for your business to be successful on Instagram in the true sense of the term. It’s why a good SMM strategy should integrate improving both visibility and conversion rates in its planning. 

What Can You Do to Grow Your Visibility and Conversions with Instagram?

Here are a few ways you can improve both visibility and convert for your business using Instagram: 

1. Amp up your Instagram bio

It’s advice you will find everywhere, and rightly so. When someone comes to your profile for the first time, it is where they will go to learn more about you. So you need to get the best out of your allotted 150 characters to leave a great first impression. 


  • Keywords to talk about your excellent products, what you do, and what your brand is all about.
  • Hashtags that are associated with your brand.
  • A CTA that points to your URL and helps you direct traffic to desired sites or actions. 

Ensure you have a profile with complete details to complement this bio. Please give it a professional-looking photo and your most active contact details. 

2. Put forward your signature content

Give IG users a reason to choose you over your competitors. Create content that will strengthen your brand value and make visitors naturally inclined to follow your CTA. For it, you have to put your genuine self forward. Think of: 

  • Using tutorials with a personalized touch. Be it how-tos or a simple list of dos and don’ts, give your consumers something they can meaningfully use when they invest in your brand or follow your click-throughs.
  • Providing downloadable and save-worthy tips and tricks. Make your audience want to come back for more information and content. 
  • Organizing Live sessions to interact directly with your audience and to understand what they want from you. Of course, it does not mean straying from your chosen content category. Use advice, feedback, and criticism to improve the quality and nature of your content within the ambit of your business. 
  • Use Reels to catch the audience’s attention in the least time possible in a fun and unique way. The popularity of reels is only growing, and using them skillfully in your content-creating strategy can significantly increase your visibility and reach. You can even artfully employ trending music and challenges to boost your popularity on the platform.

3. Set up IG shopping

With IG shopping, you can add shopping tags on regular posts and use shopping stickers on your IG Stories. Setting up a shop on Instagram is easy as you only have to follow the instructions on using the platform as your cloud shop. Link your Facebook and IG business pages and share your catalog on both platforms. 

You can also use third-party booking platforms in your profile information if your country allows Instagram to use its tie-ups in its demographic area. 

4. Capitalize on links

Although you cannot use clickable links in your captions, you can still use links in several places on Instagram. So:

  • Point your audience to your bio and frequently use the URL here to generate leads in any way you want.
  • Make use of Link Stickers in your IG Stories. While the Swipe feature is phasing out, IG has introduced a new range of clickable stickers you can skillfully customize on your stories. Just check your sticker tray and begin experimenting! 

5. Invest in campaigns for lead generation.

Sometimes you need more than simply creating high-value content, even if you have incorporated CTAs in your post and used intelligent hashtags. To stand out among the crowd, you should invest in IG ads. These ads are programmed to push up your visibility and help you direct traffic to landing pages of your choice, so it is prudent to use ads now and then to make your business more successful on Instagram. With IG ads, you can:

  • Decide how you want to manage your audience targeting.
  • Choose the budget you are most comfortable with.
  • Track your campaign’s performance and adjust your plans for future use of ads accordingly. 

Moreover, you can build ad campaigns from scratch to avail of this Instagram feature. You can recreate an old post or promote any existing content as is into an ad to attract new audiences and improve your conversion rates. 

 6. Use influencers to build your trust funnel

Influencers can help you reach your target audience and more within less time than you would otherwise need. They are also great for building brand trust, encouraging loyalty, and generating leads. Find influencers who share your ethos and match your budget requirements and collaborate with them to create content that is high on CTA. You will see a significant improvement in your engagement rate and traffic direction, and your visibility will also simultaneously grow manifold. 

7. Concentrate on incentives

Most consumers will do what you ask them to do if you give them something in return. Be it engagement (like for like, comment for comment, tag for tag) or physical perks (coupons, freebies) organize contests, giveaways, and host events where your audience can hope to win something for themselves in return for engaging with your content. However, do ensure that your content keeps a delicate balance between incentive-oriented posts and value-oriented ones. You do not want to come across as too gimmicky, as that could make you lose the audience’s support. Aim for audience retention and brand loyalty when you create these posts, and you will be able to find the right balance between the different kinds of content you publish as a business. 

To Sum Up

Improving your visibility and conversion rates on Instagram requires you to concentrate on setting up a content and social media marketing plan that focuses on your overall growth on the platform. To truly see results that yield high leads, sales, and RoI, your account must feature excellent quality content and significant signature posts that compel audiences to want to follow the CTA incorporated organically. Think of using Instagram Shopping, Influencer marketing, and IG ads to run paid campaigns and collaborations that can bring in high returns and conversions. Once you have figured out the right combination of tools and strategies for your marketing needs, you will see your Instagram business achieve great success on the platform. All you have to do is an experiment, analyze and retry.