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How to Install Live TV on Firestick 2021

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A firestick is a versatile gadget that accommodates default apps and third-party app installation. The small device transforms the TV experiencing by offering various online streams, thus killing boredom. Firestick doesn’t just provide online apps but can allow for live TV on Firestick. You can watch over 700 plus live TV channels featuring your favourite content, such as live news, live TV shows, and live sports.  However, to enjoy the thrilling experiences, one requires installing some third-party apps.  

Firestick is designed with default apps which are quite costly on the subscription fee. However, you can stay glued on your TV without paying a dime to any of the channels. The internet also provides premium apps which are affordable. To access the variety, you need to download the apps on the Firestick device.  Over the years, many online streamers have used Kodi as a streaming app to watch movies, TV shows, music and more.  The question always is how to install Kodi on Firestick; today, there are various live channels, which are very easy to install. 

VPN for live TV apps on Firestick

The installation is straightforward but comes with a whole load of risk. Third-party apps aren’t secure as they appear. The majority contain malware that is harmful to your gadget. It’s also a great way to encourage government and ISP surveillance on your streaming activities. Most of the apps tamper with copyrighted materials, which lead to legal trouble. Always cover your activities with good VPN software. The services are available for both free and premium VPNs. 

Examples of live TV on Firestick channels free and premium apps

  • Live Net TV 
  • Mobdro TV 
  • Pluto TV 
  • YouTube TV 
  • Hulu TV
  • Eternal TV 
  • TVTap

These are just a few to mention as there are thousands of live TV channels globally.  To enjoy the live service, use quality VPN software to start the installation process.

Installing live TV on Firestick 

  • Go to your Firestick device homepage and click the settings option on the menu.
  • Next, click the My Fire TV tab and proceed to “developer options.”
  • Now turn apps from unknown sources and the ADB Debugging.
  • The page will send a warning message; click the “turn on” tab to continue.
  • Proceed to the Firestick homepage menu and click the search button.
  • Next, click the “downloader” option and follow the page’s instructions.
  • Click your downloader app followed by the download tab to start the process.
  • Now click open >allow and finally click “OK.”
  • Enter the URL of your preferred live TV app and click “GO.”
  • Select the option “download for Android” to initiate the download process.
  • After the download process is complete, click the install tab followed by “Done.” 
  • The system will display a message “file downloaded successfully to …” click the delete button to proceed.
  • Select the delete tab again to confirm your choice.
  • Now the installation process is complete.
  • Note the process applies to all live TV apps which are compatible with Firestick.

Watching live TV on a Firestick device

Once the installation process is done, it’s time to enjoy the live content from your favourite application.

  • Select the app using the Firestick remote by pressing the home button.
  • Click the options tab on your remote and click the “move” button. 
  • Drag the app (Mobdro, Live Net TV and more) to the top row for easy access.
  • Click on the app to launch the app.
  • Now select the continue button and then the “allow” tab.
  • Proceed and choose a “category” scroll down to get a “channel” you wish to watch.
  • You can also click on the search button and enter the name of the channel for easier access.
  • This gives you access to thousands of live channels.