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How To Make Gold in WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade in Outlands

The Burning Crusade in Outlands offers a variety of opportunities and methods for earning gold. These opportunities and methods include what your profession has to offer and certain tricks to get valuable items. Please note, the nature of gold generation may vary according to the uniqueness of each server so maybe not all of the recommendations in this article will work for you. But in general, they work great!

In The Burning Crusade in Outlands, professions play an important role and basically, there are tons of new profession-specific items to choose from to enhance your gaming experience. Some professions are seen as better than others. Here is a ranking of professions based on their ability to generate gold:

S-Tier: Jewelcrafting

A-Tier: Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining, etc.

B-Tier: Leatherwork, Tailoring

C-Tier: Engineering, Blacksmith

Here is an explanation of some of them:

  1. Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is a new profession to the game and is seen as one of the best gold earners. In The Burning Crusade in Outlands, new mechanics are added to the game with sockets on certain equipment. And for information, the socket in question can be filled with Gems to increase stats.

  1. Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining

This is a great money-making profession. This profession produces consumables that are useful when you enter the end-game content. The A-Tier profession had many branches such as herbalism and mining. Herbalism gives you the ability to grow herbs throughout the Outlands. There is one other branch, mining, which is also popular. This profession gives the ability to mine materials that can be used as basic raw materials for making weapons.

  1. Leatherworking, Tailoring

B-Tiers only had two kinds of professions; Leatherworking and Tailoring. Leatherworking gives you the ability to manufacture goods from real leather. The main sources of income for this profession are the Heavy Knothide Armor Kit, and the Nethercleft Leg Armor Icon. While Tailoring has a limited ability to generate gold but it is still worth considering. With this profession, you can produce various cloth armor.

  1. Engineering, Blacksmith

C-Tier has two main branches; Blacksmithing and Engineering. Blacksmithing allows players to produce various weapons, plates, and mail armor. However, it should be noted that making gold through this profession is quite limited. You’ll be tied to the strongest piece as soon as it’s made. Engineering is an extraordinary profession complemented by a wide range of quality-of-life items. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer more ways to make gold. If you choose Engineering, it is recommended that you use the so-called Zapthrottle Mote Extractor.

The Burning Crusade in Outlands also offers the ability to earn gold without being tied to a particular profession. Fel Armaments and Arcane Tomes are items that you can continue to use in the game to increase your reputation which you can exchange for gold. You can use the Fel Armament Farming Guide and Arcane Tome Farming Guide.

Overall, there are many methods to make money in The Burning Crusade in Outlands. You can get gold from both professions and farming. It is not uncommon for players to buy WoW gold TBC or TBC Classic Accounts. Gold4Vanilla is the common website used for such purchases, who offers WoW Classic services in addition to New World Coin & Powerleveling.