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How to Use Pop Up to Support Online Business?

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Have you ever wondered what the dialog box that appears unexpectedly when we browse the web is called? How annoying or beneficial have pop ups been to us? Let’s find out together. 

It is very easy for you to see pop up nowadays. Just click on any website eg. Subway website you will see a banner like this:

This is the pop up that appears on the website. Also the same on the phone, when you are surfing your phone or reading information, there will be a small banner with attractive content to attract you to click to learn more.

Thus, it can be understood simply that pop up means banner or animated ads on websites and on mobile devices. And usually pop ups have content that is promotions, preferential programs, gratitude, product introductions, or announcements, or information requests depending on the purpose of the user. With eye-catching, attractive images, immediate appeal, and importantly, they make the viewer passively receive the content in the banner (because they appear to overlap the content of the viewer), so this type is very selected by businesses and companies to promote.

Especially when the era of 4.0 and 5.0 is gradually covering all global activities, the use of pop up has helped businesses get closer to their customers, promote brands, products as well as provide effective support.

There are many communication methods for businesses to promote their brand. But pop up advertising is a trend that businesses often use to effectively increase the coverage of the business to customers. However, it is a fact that while pop ups are the most powerful, easiest-to-use conversion booster, they are also the most hated by customers on the website! 

In the following article, Programming Insider will show you great pop up examples that will help you increase sympathy with potential customers, thereby, the conversion rate will be higher.

Pop ups by 13chats 

The benefits of pop-up in the business of online courses

High convertibility for advertisers, it is still one of the more effective methods to reach consumers online as the click-through rate or engagement with them is 13x higher than other forms of advertising.

This advantage of pop-up helps you with:

  • Collecting customer information – customers leave personal information to receive what they consider to be beneficial to them. Thus, continuously maintaining interaction between customers and businesses, developing potential customers.
  • Implement marketing plans – this is a powerful tool, especially in product promotion campaigns or strategic events.
  • Attract attention
  • Pop ups are the first thing a visitor sees when they land on a website. So it immediately gained the attention of customers.
  • Besides, pop up often contains only one important message. In the midst of the flood of information on your website, pop ups allow you to focus on your customer’s call to action. text make – Moreover, for creating an attractive pop-up, it’s essential to ensure the popup message is clear and focused. Amidst the vast array of information available on your website, using a pop-up with a distinct and compelling message helps to effectively steer your customers towards a specific action.
  • Feedback directly from customers

You can set up pop ups in the FAQ section, so that customers can easily contact you in case they have any questions, requests or complaints. In this way, you quickly gather users’ opinions about your products and services, as well as your business.


Usually, the appropriate pop-up on e-learning websites will usually contain the following content:

  • Ebook/Documentation/Trial Lesson
  • Promotions
  • Sign up for the newsletter/consultation


If you own a small fashion store, you may consider adding pop up to visualise seasonal sales or arrival of the new collection. Or perhaps, if you want to get more subscribers for your business, pop up can act as a reminder for users who are interested.


Only one pop-up should be used in each marketing campaign, using a single pop-up helps you to minimize drawbacks such as avoiding creating a bad experience for users at the sales site.

Optimize email automation tools – track information storage and use it effectively.


Always update and change the popup when possible – usually after 1-2 months, constantly changing to fit the intended use in each plan.


Final Thought

The use of pop ups in general business has limitations and a few important notes, you will need to consider before deciding to include it on a sales website. However, it cannot be denied that nowadays pop ups have changed significantly in both form and content.


Pop up is now suitable for all types of businesses and shows high efficiency in many marketing campaigns. This is a reliable tool in satisfying the information needs of customers, while maximizing the benefits of the business.