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How to Make Your Friends Follow you on TikTok?

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Are you a novice content creator on TikTok and count every follower at your fingertips? Does convincing your friends to help you grow on TikTok seem a taxing task? Don’t panic, there are multiple ways to get followers, one of these ways is to use Growtok -TikTok growth service that will help you get more organic followers swiftly.

Here we have some of the easiest ways to drive traffic and scale up your fanbase in no time.

1. Introduce your Business to Friends

The first cornerstone of advancing towards your venture involves your circle into your business. Reveal about your products and services. Also, let them know that their following can make a considerable impact on your business. 

Offer them perks such as lunch and dinner after successfully hitting the first milestone. Your true friends will never say NO to you and will move on to optimize your business in the best possible way.

Alternatively, you can invite your friends to follow your account right from the platform.

2. Keep Up With the Latest Trending Videos

Stay active on the TikTok app, and see what videos are trending. Find one video and start brainstorming your ideas. Be creative in your way, and let the video viral in a few minutes of upload. If you keep on doing the same repetitive things as your competitors, it might not be fruitful enough to accumulate the interests of rabbles.

Here’s an example of the latest trending video of a Pakistani girl. 

She made a 5-seconds video to become an internet sensation. Not only this, she slammed a record of reaping 1 million followers in a matter of a few days, which is huge.

3. Get Along with Other Influencers

If you’re kick-starting on the platform, it’s cardinal to partner with someone experienced. For this, TikTok boasts an incredible opportunity to perform duets with your talented friends or influencers. As you’re new in the industry, some senior influencers might not show interest in you. However, you can duet with a friend or an influencer with the same or fewer followers than you.

Also, keep in mind that duets are performed in the same niche, don’t overlook performing duets with anybody in the industry. 

4. Post Videos at the Ideal Times

Publish content regularly and spiral your chances of getting viral. With that said, it’s also imperative to keep an eye on the activity of your followers. When you know the peak time, you can easily lock horns in the race of competitors. 

But, how do you know the right time? 

Posting videos at different times can give you an indication of engagement. Let’s say a video uploaded in the morning will get less exposure than at night or evening. 

Thankfully, TikTok features an analytics tool, which is an invaluable tool for examining the traffic and demographics of your followers.

5. Use TikTok growth service

If you’re looking for a cross-cut approach to multiply your followers then TikTok growth services is what you need. What’s interesting, you get a bunch of organic followers that will support you till the end. 

Invest in this affordable service, focus on TikToking, and let the marketing specialists take you to the next level. Good services also offer a security that saves you from shadowbanning, and blacklisting from the app, so give it a try.


Growing yourself on TikTok is a challenging task, with myriads of potential competitors. But, if you’re creative, entertaining, skillful, and have the guts to face the world, you can easily make it. There is no doubt that you have to put in a lot of effort to grow your engagement. you may also find out how to buy Tik Tok followers for quicker growth. I hope these tips will help in uplifting your followers to a greater extent.