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How to Market a Gaming App

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In the early days of video gaming, developers were faced with having to code every single aspect from start to finish. Nowadays this is not necessary, as you can make use of an existing framework and the budgetary savings this provides can be added to your marketing forecast.

An Overview of Marketing a Gaming App – Preparation

Several important steps will ensure the effective marketing of your gaming app. The first item on the list is to conduct market research before attempting to develop or promote your app. This means establishing that you do indeed have an audience that will be interested in your gaming app. You could look at trending search queries, which will give you an idea of the most searched interests. Then you need to choose your particular niche.

Next, you will want to examine app stores for games that are similar to what you propose. In this way, you can see what your competitors have done well or badly and learn from their mistakes. It will also give you a sense of the level of quality you have to attain. Check competitors’ functionality, features, titles, screenshots, and descriptions. Aim to improve or at least match the good points. 

Even if you don’t plan on sharing a portion of your earnings with a game publisher, their input on your gaming app will give you constructive feedback and indicate whether it is marketable or not.

When you are testing your gaming app, the aspect that will score the most negative reviews is design issues. A good review will increase the saleability of your app while a bad one will do the opposite. Look for bugs and fix them, although more may come to light after the app is released and in use.

An Overview of Marketing a Gaming App – Actual Marketing

App search optimization is essential as you want people to find your gaming app long after your marketing campaign is over. The majority of users will look at an app store, so you want to align your optimization with the store’s ranking factors. The five aspects that are most relevant in this regard are keyword research, title and description optimization, app icon, app reviews, and localization.

Obtain a list of store markets over and above Google Play. A mixture of marketing channels will broaden your reach.

Also, embark on a paid media campaign. This has many advantages, including feedback. Social media is an ideal medium for this. Consider in-ad video ads as well.

Finally, cross-promote your gaming app in collusion with other developers to share costs.

Target Your Audience

Those who enjoy gaming apps are likely to enjoy other games. For example, an article on the best online casino Canada for a Canadian audience could link to relevant game apps. It helps to picture your target audience and keep them in mind during the development of your gaming app and as you go through the testing phase and plan your marketing strategy. 

A good idea is only the starting point. Do your research, follow the above steps scrupulously, and test thoroughly to reduce anything that would detract from your gaming app’s success.