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How to Restrict Shipping to Logged-in WooCommerce Users

Before we answer the question you are very interested in, you should first notice the difference between logged-in and non-logged-in users. Any logged-in user is a user who has full access to your products as opposed to an non-logged-in user who does not have the same privileges as a logged-in user.

There are several different categories you can face. You can have a logged-in user who is authenticated and has his data, or you have an unregistered user who is not authenticated but also approved.

You’d be surprised how many benefits you have if visitors sign up for you. In addition, users also have some benefits from you, which is why it is tempting. Some of the benefits for registered users are promotional e-mails and the restriction of shipments only for them. Below we will finally answer your initial question. 

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO

The plugin that will help you set logged-in user rules is the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO plugin. This plugin allows importing/exporting shipping rules between different WooCommerce stores and editing them according to your needs.

For beginners and some more experienced, this will probably seem to be challenging at first. You will like its ability to calculate shipping based on the destination region or country. Also, it offers features that allow calculating shipping based on the weight, number of items in the cart, and total cost. Furthermore, the plugin lets you include multiple shipping methods such as Overnight, Express, Standard, etc. 

How to restrict shipping to logged-in WooCommerce users? 

It would be best to define your shipping zone, such as the USA. As a result, all of your current and future clients will know where your business operates and how long it would take for your shipment to arrive at a specific spot. Also, you will be able to add shipping methods once you have established your shipping zone. 

You will see two basic shipping ways when you access the added plugin. The first one is only available to logged-in users, while the other is available to non-logged-in users, so you will define separated rules for them. Setting up shipping rules for non-logged-in users is straightforward, but we will focus on restricting shipping to logged-in users. 

Restricting shipping to logged-in WooCommerce users

When you choose this shipping option, you will note that the Only for Logged-in Users box is checked right away. So, you can immediately tell that this shipping method is restricted and only available to logged-in users. You may also define conditions for users here, such as the minimum and maximum value, the shipping cost, and which goods will be charged, among other things. Of course, since this is only available to logged-in users, we may include some additional incentives for them here, such as a different shipping charge. Delivery may be as low as $4.99 for logged-in users and as much as $9.99 for non-logged-in users. The label section is the best place to emphasize this. You may enter “$4.99 for logged-in users” which will be visible only to logged-in users, while the others will see, for example, “Standard option for $9.99”. As a result, all logged-in users, as opposed to non-logged-in users, will be aware that they enjoy this advantage.

Pricing plans  

This awesome plugin offers three pricing plans that depend on what you need, Single Site License package for $79 yearly, 5 Site License package for $149 yearly, and Lifetime 100 Site License package for $249 as a one-time payment.


Now that you have learned how to utilize our WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO plugin and restrict shipping only to logged-in users on your WooCommerce site, all you have to do is give it a try. It may appear at first to be something you do not require, but you’d be surprised. This plugin will drastically alter how you do business and deliver your goods to your clients. Apart from that, it would tremendously profit you, and it will also substantially benefit your consumers.