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How To Rip DVDs Using VLC Media Player?

The DVD is not a commonly used physical data storage format in our time. You may need to rip the DVD for any purpose. You can rip DVDs using VLC and get the desired result without any delay. VLC Media Player is used by many people who like to digitize their DVD collection and pull data and files from the outdated DVD. You have to focus on how to rip DVDs with the VLC and make positive changes in your way to use this media player hereafter. 

What is VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player is a free, portable, open-source, and cross-platform software as well as streaming media server from the VideoLAN Project. This software is available for both mobile platforms and desktop operating systems. This media player is available on digital distribution platforms include, but not limited to the Microsoft Store, App Store, and Google Play. This tool supports several audio and video compression methods as well as file formats like the video CD, DVD-Video, and streaming protocols. This software has the best stuff to stream media over the entire computer networks as well as transcode different multimedia files.  

The Steps to Rip DVD Using VLC Media Player

You can follow the steps here to rip the DVDs:

  • Download and install the VLC program completely.
  • Open the VLC Media Player
  • Go to Convert / Save under the Media tab
  • Click on the Disc tab
  • Select the DVD option under the Disc Selection 
  • Select the DVD Drive spot
  • Choose the codec and details you wish to utilize 
  • Click the Browse button at first and then choose the destination folder and give a filename for the completed rip file.
  • Click Start    

The VLC Media Player Alternatives

In the market there are many dvd rippers, some are free while other are paid dvd rippers. However, this article will concentrate more on free dvd ripping tools as the alternative to VLC. There are so many VLC Media Player alternatives.

You can research the top alternatives to the VLC Media Player and make a good decision to use the suitable one as per your requirements. This is worthwhile to consider all your requirements about organizing the media files, converting movies and music, watching movies on TV, using the cloud storage, and other things before choosing the other dvd rippers. It is the appropriate time to consider the VLC free alternatives for ripping the DVDs. 

  1. Blu-ray Master Free DVD Ripper 

Blu-ray Master Free DVD Ripper lets users to rip the entire DVDs at no cost. This software is recommended to rip protected and encrypted DVDs with the region code, DVD CSS, Disney X-project DRM, RCE, and other encryption methods. Users of this tool are comfortable and happy mainly because it’s powerful parameters and flexible edit settings. The intuitive and clean interface of this software supports all users to rip DVD to MP4 at no cost. You can use this software to rip homemade or commercial DVDs, free rip any DVD disc or movie to MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, and other formats. You will be happy about the high image quality and fast DVD ripping speed. 

  1. HandBrake 

HandBrake is an open source and free program designed to rip any CD and DVD on the multiplatform. Users of this tool not only rip DVD, but also do other things like add advanced effects, chapters, and subtitles. This free VLC Media Player alterative for DVD ripping is recommended by many happy users. You can prefer and use this tool to rip DVD to device compatible formats. 

  1. DVD Shrink   

DVD Shrink is a free alternative to the VLC Media Player for Windows users. You can prefer and use this tool to rip DVD disc, image, or folder to ISO files and hard drive folders as per your requirements. You can use this tool to deselect any unwanted audio track and subtitle before ripping the DVD. This tool is recommended for anyone who likes to be successful in their approach to rip DVDs using VLC Media Player alternative especially ripping non-encrypted DVDs on Windows. 



Regular updates of VLC Media Player alternatives for DVD ripping purpose encourage many people to find and use one of these alternatives. You can take note of various aspects of the DVD ripping using the VLC Media Player and its alternatives. You will make a good decision to decide on the right tool for the purpose of DVD ripping.