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Why Is Brazil Football Team and Argentina Football Team Getting Worse?

Brazil and Argentina have long been considered the most representative representatives of South American football. However, in recent years, they have clearly declined.

In the period 1958-1994, Brazil and Argentina really depressed other teams because they were too strong. A total of 10 World Cups took place during this period, and Brazil and Argentina took turns winning six times. However, since the 2002 World Cup championships of Ronaldo and Ronaldinho generations, the Brazilian and Argentine football teams began to decline. Brazil has fallen to 18th place in the FIFA rankings in 2012, and Argentina has not been able to secure the top spot. 

The way to win the World Cup in 2022 is still very long. Whether in the upcoming 2022 World Cup, both Brazil and Argentina can overcome other long-standing candidates such as France, Germany, and Spain to once again prove their position. Who are the contenders to win the 2022 World Cup? There is nothing for sure here but waiting. And you can refer to the odds from reputable bookmakers. Register an account to become a legal member with the Fun88 bookie and join betting on football or any favorite sport you want. There is a wide range of live matches available that allow you to bet on it. You can also find the best football betting websites at แทงบอลโลก.

How bad are Argentina and Brazil?

The world believes that the depression momentum of Argentina and Brazil has peaked in about 5 years. For the Brazilian team, the darkest milestone was the crushing defeat against Germany in the World Cup, which took place at home. However, that is just a visual example for the world to talk about. Everyone realized that the decline of Brazil was evident through the image of the entire football depending on only one player, Neymar. 

And Argentina is even more pathetic. Every Argentina team lacks Messi, they are like the average team.  In their journey to the 2018 World Cup finals, Argentina tried to prove they were not so bad without Messi. However, in the end, Messi was still recalled back to the team, scoring a hat-trick in the decisive match against Ecuador that brought Argentina to Russia. So why did the two big football backgrounds like Brazil and Argentina decline together?

The national championship is too bad

The first is about the national championships of these two football platforms. In Europe, although there is no shortage of championships in the national championships, basically, the powerful teams always keep their position. In La Liga, Real and Barcelona have dominated over the decades.

In Germany, Bayern Munich has long been the number one power. In the Premier League, the balance of power of the big men is also maintained, creating abundant and steady resources for national teams. In any era, the national team still has to rely on resources and even the system built by the big team.

Meanwhile, the power symbols of Brazil and Argentina are extremely erratic. São Paulo, the fourth most championship club in Brazilian football history, has failed to win the throne for 11 years. Santos, Neymar’s old team, hasn’t even returned to the throne for 15 years.

The national championships of Brazil and Argentina are always impressive in terms of the number of teams participating, but the form of the game is complicated and especially the quality of the expertise is quite low. In 2018, 62.6% of matches in the Brazilian league ended with less than 2 goals, including 43 games 0-0, 96 matches with only one goal and 99 matches with  2 goals.

The quality of training for the young generation is very bad

At Copa America 2019, the Japanese team brought to Brazil 17 players for the first time. All these recruits are in the plan to create the next generation of the Japan Football Federation – a national plan. To win the 2014 World Cup, the German team worked with the federation to build a strategy that lasted 10 years.

Meanwhile, the Argentine Football Federation is gradually turning clubs into private companies: self-sufficient, self-sufficient, self-employed, self-sufficient. In 2001, the Argentine Football Federation announced a proposal to turn clubs into independent businesses. This proposal received up to 38 opposition votes and only one support vote.

That has resulted in Argentina not having any national development orientation. The training of children is completely dependent on each club. Why is the Argentine Football Federation so indifferent? Simply because they have no money. In 2009, the Argentine national championship was postponed for nearly half a month because the country’s Football Federation was so badly in debt that it could not afford the tournament again.

In 2019, the teams participating in the Argentine national championship are carrying on the debt of up to 1.3 billion USD. Thus, most of the good players in Argentine football are immediately sold.

The lack of master plans, maintaining the poor quality league are the underlying causes leading to the sharp decline of the football industry Argentina and Brazil. Unfortunately, after each failure, the reformers only fix superficial problems like replacing the coach, not solving the root cause of the decline.

All in all

Football is a collective sport, and modern football has moved even more towards the trend of clarifying this statement. In recent years, it has been seen that the more teams play as teammates, the less dependent they are on individuals, the more successful they are. Can mention Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, or Champions League champions, Liverpool of Jurgen Klopp,etc. In the opposite direction, what happened to Messi’s Barcelona, ​​or PSG with Neymar and Mbappe, we have all seen.

 With Argentina, it is impossible to imagine where without Messi this team would go. As for the Brazilian host, although not relying on an A-list star like Neymar, but without building a cohesive game for the stars in the operating squad, their outcome will not be better.

The decline of two South American football powers is definitely something no one wants. For now, it’s only a fragile hope, but fans still expect unexpected changes to happen, so that at least Brazil and Argentina can perform what is considered their best. However, it looks like Brazil is still the most popular team right now, with odds of 9/2. The next favorite team is France, with a ratio of 5/1 (according to Paddy). Refer to the odds from the fun88 bookmaker and place a bet if you want.