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These Small Yet Important Factors Can Make or Break TV Ads

There are many things to consider when producing an ad that will air on TV because millions of viewers worldwide are watching

In a day and age where millions of advertisements are vying for the attention of a world’s worth of customers in every market and niche, only the most relevant and influential truly stand out. Especially when it comes to marketing campaigns that make their home on television, there are some essential things to remember. Below we’ll take a look at just a few ways to make advertisements on television the best they can possibly be.  

The importance of impactful storytelling

Perhaps the number one most important element to a successful TV ad is the presence of an eye-catching and meaningful plot or story. People can easily tell when a company or brand is simply trying to sell a product, so differentiating your business from the rest with depth and emotion is always a good idea. Just take Publix’s “Graduation Moments” ad or GMC’s promotion of the 2017 Sierra model, these are some of the cleverest examples of storytelling in commercials because they elicited an emotional response in their viewers.

Just think about when TV commercials are normally played. Because they are shown during program breaks, people want to see content that actually matters if it’s taking time away from their show! The best television ads know how to move people by using topics that are important and applicable in everyday life.

Creating a series of commercials

As discussed above, an engaging story can work miracles for the effectiveness of TV advertising. However, releasing commercials in sets or series can drive the content forward even more. Rather than one-off ads that don’t have as much potential to capture the brand’s target audience in just one sitting, multiple commercials that contain similar characters and themes have the ability to hook viewers over time by allowing them to believe in the product and what it stands for.

There are many examples of this throughout television history, but most recently, the world’s leading online poker platform, PokerStars, demonstrated this strategy well in their first brand refresh commercials. First debuting just this year on August 10, PokerStars released television adverts of different lengths that captured their new and improved “I’m In” campaign which highlights safer, responsible gaming. The company also rolled out online ads and gaming digital assets to complement its marketing plan. By releasing several ads of the same theme as opposed to just one, PokerStars was able to tell their story in a more in-depth and detailed way, highlighting the campaign’s main goals and objectives.

Similarly, brands like Apple have done this exceptionally well with their past iPod commercials that featured themes such as the dark dancing silhouettes which fundamentally changed the way consumers viewed portable music. These commercials captured viewers’ attention, but if it wasn’t for the multitude of them and their similarities, perhaps their impact wouldn’t have been so influential. The bottom line is that no matter the brand, markets across all sectors can benefit from releasing multiple T.V. ads of the same look and feel. In this way, audiences begin to look forward to the content, and may even find themselves excited when their television screen lights up with an ad they are familiar with. 

Caption: Influencers drive business success by making products irresistible for their many followers

The use of influencers or notable personalities to drive the brand

Let’s face it: influencers are the new faces of advertising. If your brand is not using one to promote its products, it may soon find itself irrelevant in the market. In the same way that people want to see meaningful storylines, they also want to trust the product. And what better way to trust something than by having it sold to you through someone you admire? The next time you have a commercial shoot, think about what influencer to invite before production starts.

After all, businesses everywhere are growing their customer base with the use of influencers and notable personalities, prompting them to share content and encouraging their potential millions of followers to spread the brand’s good name. After all, isn’t the most classic form of marketing word of mouth?

A well-executed and thoughtful production  

All of the above tips are useless without a commercial that keeps high production quality at the forefront. Various aspects like script, lighting, cast, product placement, and more are all essential to the ads’ overall look and feel. By the time it reaches the public, you want your commercial to be virtually flawless, but that may never happen without attention to seemingly small details like these.