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What Streaming Service Could Potentially Buy ‘Billions’?

Billions on Showtime is a TV series not about money and how to earn it, and not even about fantastic creatures and where they live (although about it too) – it is a very convincing drama about human nature. About the innate instinct to be the coolest, to be the best, to be more powerful than anyone else, not because you need it, but because you can. About the very special driver that people who create billion-dollar fortunes. Bobby Axelrod doesn’t need more money, he can’t even spend the money he’s already earned, but he can’t afford to be second, because being second means losing means living a life in vain. And his opponent – a full-bodied, like an angry teddy bear Chuck Rhoades also can not accept defeat, no matter what it costs him – career, family, money, relationship with his father, respect of colleagues – but he must win. Since he got into a fight, he can come out of it solely as a winner.

This theme – to sacrifice everything for the sake of victory – for the heroes of Billions will be the main. Bobby will stop reading Harry Potter to the children, and in general, his family status is waiting for major changes. 

What is a TV show about?

Released back in 2016 the TV show is all about competitive financial markets and we can also see some trading elements in it. It should be said that Forex schools often use TV shows or movies to teach people how to trade on the top simulator software for FX trading and Billions was also used for teaching. But financial markets and the concept of trading is only a part of the iceberg that is hidden deep below the sea.

Billions is a compelling drama and a fascinating thriller, but for the average viewer, it is also a very curious anthropological excursion into the psychology of people who govern – in many senses – the world in which we live. The story in the series will gradually change, to Chuck, Bobby and Wendy will be added new interesting characters, for example, a stunning gender queer persona Asia Dillon, playing in Billions rising star Taylor Mason, or John Malkovich – he got the role of a mad Russian oligarch. 

How many people watch it?

The general part of people who watch Billions are the ones with financial background and education. The show vas averaging 4.2 million viewers and when there was news about the renewal for season 5, the number grew even more notably. 

Which streaming giants are possible favorites to purchase this show?

Throughout the history of American tv shows, we have witnessed it several times that a famous product was purchased by streaming mammoths, like Netflix or HBO. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of the episodes from the final season have not been aired yet and the pandemic has had a major impact on businesses.

However, Netflix revenue has only increased during the lockdown period as more people were forced to stay home. Netflix is the primary favorite to buy the show because during its existence it has already done the same for other TV shows, which is not a surprising fact because Netflix enjoys a high amount of people watching it.

Another important contender for the purchase is HBO, which already gave us products like Game of Thrones and Chernobyl. However, for the time being, this move looks unlikely amid the economic crisis that is taking part in the United States and the coronavirus pandemic is also having its negative effects.

The bottom line

Like a good story, from season to season the stakes will grow, but the main characters will continue to put on the line everything that is. Not because it is necessary, but because otherwise, they can not live.