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How to Sign a Document on Gmail (Step-by-Step Guide)

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The less you touch, the better these days. At least that’s the slogan we are trying to maintain these COVID-19 times. That is why many documents are coming via your Gmail inbox. Some of them require signatures and that’s why it starts to get hectic. 

Don’t think about downloading and signing with your pen because we have a way out. It will simplify how you embed signatures on documents and forget about the downloading and printing part. 

It can happen later though if you need hard copies. For now, let’s see how you can sign a document on Gmail via the guide we are about to share with you. 

Signing Documents with CocoSign 

Since you avoid having too many hands on a piece of paper, there is a way to make the document legal online. How you used to write a signature is now doable on the internet via platforms like CocoSign

It’s web-based and that is great for all devices with browsers. Since Gmail works across devices, you can sign the document anywhere, too, with the help of this platform. You could even choose to download the document and work on it using CocoSign but there is a faster way out.


The platform has Google Drive integration among other cloud platforms. That means you can get the document from Gmail after saving it in the respective cloud option. That saves everything here from time to the space consumed by the data. 

Back to CocoSign, several capabilities enable you to sign effortlessly and share the document with others. Here is a summary of what you should expect as you sign. 

What You Can Do with CocoSign

Saving and Using Your Signature 

As long as you need to use an e-signature on a document, CocoSign will help you do that. You can draw, type or upload a photo of your signature and use it at will. This also means you can do it on smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

Tracking the Signatures and Views 

The document on Gmail may need more than one signature. If that’s the case, you can include those who need to sign and track via CocoSign’s interface. That eradicates the need to keep checking on the document to see if it’s complete. 

Once the document is signed, you will receive a notification. 

Control How the Document is Signed 

Again, this goes to those who need to collect more than one signature. You can choose the order to get the e-signs and the positions for each signature. It could be a series or parallel, which implies signing one after another or simultaneously. 

It all depends on how you need to collect the signatures. 

Cloud Storage 

Since the files are in Gmail, you can save them on CocoSign or Google Drive. In both ways, retrieving the document is easy since you only need an internet connection. On CocoSign, there is an auto-expiry date for security purposes. 

That means you can always choose to export the documents to another secure location after the period or delete them. The platform is also compliant with the current guidelines and security protocols to ensure that your signatures and documents and legal and secure. 

Sign Any Document Sent Via Gmail 

CocoSign can embed e-signatures on PDFs, Word, Google Docs, Excel Sheets, JPG, etc. So, the format doesn’t deter you from including your signature when needed. All you need is to upload the file and use the signature. That’s it. 

Audit Trailing 

Your signature moves are always on the record. The same applies to those who are also signing the documents. So, you can always know what happened and how it went. The trails will have the name, email, and IP address.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sign a Document on Gmail 

Now that you have a glimpse of what CocoSign can do, here is how you can go about signing the document on Gmail. The procedure will involve the following:

Step 1: Visit the CocoSign website and sign-up/sign in to access the features. After that, go to Gmail and save the document on your Google Drive. 

Step 2: Return to CocoSign and upload the document via the Google Drive option. Next, sign the document using the saved e-sign or create if you don’t have one. Various ways to do that include drawing, typing, or uploading a photo. 

Step 3: Once you have placed the signature on the needed part, save the changes. If you need to share with others, include their emails and select the order to collect the signatures. After that, wait for CocoSign’s notification once the document is complete. 

Step 4: You can save the document with CocoSign or upload it back to Google Drive. Either way, getting it will be easy if you have an internet connection. 

Advantages Shared When Using CocoSign 

Easy documents fetch: Getting the files from your Gmail is easy thanks to Google Drive integration. Other cloud options partner with the alternative to choose from your local storage. Since everything depends on the internet, you can do it from anywhere. 

Multiple ways to sign: You can upload, type, or draw your signature. It all depends on what you are comfortable using. The same will apply to those who also need to sign as well.

Enhanced security: CocoSign is compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC2 regulations. That means your signatures are legally binding, and there is heavy security protecting the documents in line with the current standards. 

Ability to edit: Before signing, you may want to edit a few parts of the document to make it right. CocoSign will help you add the texts and fields before saving the final changes. So, there is more to do here apart from signing. 


Any files shared via Gmail and need to be signed don’t need download and printing for signatures. CocoSign is one of the platforms that enables you to get the documents from Gmail, sign, and send to those concerned in minutes. 

We hope the steps above will help in quickening the signing process. There is also a lot to learn from the website when it comes to signing documents digitally.