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How to Take A Snapshot or Trim A Video From A Recorded One?

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Do you want to know how to Capture a Screenshot or Trim video from a screen-recorded video in windows? It’s not only you! Most of us are eager to learn convenient access to edit recorded videos. It is essential for many reasons. This article will present the solution of video trimming from a recorded one and also help to learn how to capture a screenshot. So here we go! 

How it is Helpful 

Well, we can not deny that video editing is crucial for lots of reasons, especially trimming or snapshotting. Some of the big reasons are video snapshots and trimmed videos critically save the most important part of the content, and it becomes lighter to store. Moreover, your recorded videos become more catchy for viewers because there is nothing unnecessary to watch. It helps you to draw the viewer’s attraction to the whole content. 

How to Capture A Screenshot or Trim A Recorded Video 

It’s all up to the tool that you use to capture a desktop screenshot or trim a video. At the same time, many software and apps allow you to capture a screenshot or cut a recorded video once the recording has been completed. However, Every gadget has its featured program that is slightly distinct from the others. But the main idea and concepts are the same.  

I recommend the ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ for desktop screen records, and a fantastic quick choice for editing recorded screen videos. 

Three Steps to Trim A Video

Brilliant apps and software are available to record screens and excellent time-saving features to edit and trim the correct portion. So with quick action, here we go to the few simple steps to capture screenshots or cut a video from the recorded one. 

  • 1st Step

First, open the screen recorder website on your desktop or open the app to upload your recorded video on your Android phone.  After uploading, you can hit the button for the options.  

  • Second Step

After Selection or recording the screen video, it will automatically be launched with the app’s editor, where you will see a quick button to review your video and also a convenient click to edit the video. Two outpoints will trim the video from the start and end. Here you will notice many options available for video editing.

  • Third Step

In the third step, click the checkmark, and the chosen part will be cut. After it, a saving or downloading option will appear on the screen. However, you can continue the same process until you have the correct portion of the video that you need.

Ending Words

Keep Growing Your Skills!


There are many ways to edit and make your videos more attractive and catchy; trimming is just one option. However, ScreenRecorderᵀᴹ is becoming the first choice because of its proficient & effortless features, excellent comfort, and elegant format.