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Travel/Lifestyle Weekly ‘Raw Travel’ Cleared in 96 Percent of the Country for Final Season

Veteran weekly travel/lifestyle series “Raw Travel” from AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV), produced and hosted by Robert G. Rose, is now cleared for the upcoming final 20-episode season in a record 180 cities (representing 96 percent of the country). The first of five new fall episodes will debut on October 22-23 with “Gone to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico,” followed by the second of a two-part series, “Patagonia Road Trip,” on October 29-30. The weekend of November 5-6 features “Let’s Move to Portugal” and explores why so many ex-pats are moving to Portugal, while on November 12-13, “Osijek, Croatia” will debut. 
The weekend of November 19-20, Raw Travel debuts the powerful “Steadfast in Ukraine,” which features a documentary-style coverage of the Host and Producer Robert G. Rose with Raw Travel videographer and Ukrainian refugee Anastasia Zui as they return to Ukraine during wartime. The episode will give viewers a realistic look at what life was like in Ukraine with the drama of border crossings, air raid sirens, and curfews, all while Ukrainians try to live as normally as possible to cope with war. Raw Travel is also raising funds for Care4Ukraine to help refugees and garner medical supplies at
The producers also announced that “Raw Travel” will continue in broadcast syndication with re-runs until at least September 2025, with Seasons 11 and 12 mining their vast library of 200 original evergreen episodes. Incumbent affiliates will have the first right of refusal to carry the library content. The library will be supplemented with never-before-seen digital and broadcast content such as international segments, producer commentary, did-you-knows, behind-the-scenes, and refreshed content when appropriate. The producers also plan to offer at least three to four other originals in Season 11 to reach their milestone goal of 200 episodes. 
“We felt strongly about presenting a new type of travel show with authentic travel instead of celebrity at the fore while communicating the importance of social responsibility,” said Robert G. Rose, host and executive producer of “Raw Travel.” “This ride isn’t over yet. We’re excited about the future and producing our most important season to date with season 10.”
Locations in upcoming episodes will include Paris, Poland, Croatia, and Argentina, as well as related episodes that will showcase how travelers are helping and how tourism can play a role in assisting Ukraine to “heal” from the wounds of war. 
For a preview, visit, and check out information on fundraising for Ukraine at