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How to Use Ad Spy Tools to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Facebook Marketing

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If you give ads on Facebook, you should use spying tools to analyze the efficiency of your rivals’ ads. From this article, you will get to know how to work with these tools and which benefits they can bring you.

If you promote your business online, you most likely run advertising campaigns on Facebook. The competition among ads on this social platform is fierce. To plan your marketing budget more reasonably and achieve better results, you should use Facebook Ad Spy Tools. From this article, you will get to know how to choose these tools and benefit from them. These recommendations are valid for businesses of all sizes and spheres of activity.

Why Should You Analyze Ads on Facebook

You can launch a FB advertising campaign without any preliminary analysis and then draw conclusions from its results. You just take a colorful picture, select an ad format that seems the most appealing to you and pick the proper words intuitively. Such an approach might bring you a certain ROI if you are lucky. If you fail to strike a chord with your target audience, the funds and effort that you put into your campaign will go down the drain. But you should never give up — because you can launch a second campaign, and the third one, and so on until you run out of budget.

Thanks to ad spy tools, you can analyze your rival’s campaigns before launching your own one. You will be able to check the following parameters.

  • How many ads do your competitors give on Facebook
  • What is the format of these ads
  • Which creative tricks do they apply
  • Which copy do they use for their ads
  • Which of their past and current ads have turned out to be the most efficient
  • How did they target their campaigns by age group, geographical location and other criteria
  • Which funnels and landing pages did they use for their ads
  • How often and when did people view their ads

After you gather all this information, you should not blindly copy what your rivals do. This data should serve you as a source of inspiration. You should single out high-performing ad patterns and failure ones. When preparing your own campaigns, you should consider the former as your guidelines and avoid the latter.

Why Is It Not Enough to Use In-Built Facebook Tools

This platform offers advertisers a handy Info and Ads tool. It is available at no cost. To use it, you do not need to have any profound knowledge. You just visit the pages of all the brands that you consider as your competitors and check their ads.

Such an approach is not too efficient because it takes too much time. Info and Ads do not allow you to automate the process and integrate the statistics of several brands into one interface. Besides, this instrument gives you no information on likes, comments and shares for ads.

When you work with spying tools created by third parties, they enable you to specify one or multiple parameters at once. They work on the same principle as a search engine in an online shop. You indicate which type of ads you are interested in, you apply filters and you get precise and exhaustive results.

How to Choose an Ad Spy Tool

The first parameter that you should pay attention to is the cost. To make sure that you pay for a useful and functional tool, read independent reviews on the Internet. But please do not think that the more expensive the tool, the better results it delivers. Your aim is to find a product that is worth its price.

Some tools are allegedly universal and can analyze tools on any platform. Others specialize in just 1-2 platforms and are typically more accurate.

Make sure that the tool that you chose covers all the countries that you are planning to work with. Some users think that they can bypass any restrictions thanks to the VPN and automated translation but this might tell on the credibility of the results.

Compile a list of features that you need and check whether the tool has them all. It should enable you to look for offers, locations, keywords and other parameters.

Facebook does not approve of intense spying. After severe criticism, the administration of this network declared its customers’ privacy one of its main priorities. FB officially approves of only a handful of spying tools. Yet those that are not approved still manage to bypass the restrictions and do their job.

Tips on Analyzing Your Competitors’ Ads

You should analyze the campaigns of only those brands that you regard as your direct competitors. It does not make sense to imitate the strategies of advertisers who target a different audience or whose marketing budgets are much bigger than yours.

Spying tools come in handy when you need to combat creative fatigue. One day you might notice that a pattern that used to be efficient does not work anymore. People do not respond to ads that helped you to sell your products. They got accustomed to this type of creativity and do not notice it any longer. To fix the situation, it might be enough to tweak just 1-2 parameters. For instance, you can place your ad in a carousel and not as a lead. You can change its background photo and target it to an audience of a different age group. Ad spy tools will let you understand which parameters you should fine-tune.

If you have already created an excellent ad, spying tools will help you to better target it. Search for ads with similar looks and copies. Analyze where marketers place them and who responds to them.


In 2019, Facebook had 7 million advertisers. In the 2nd quarter of 2020, this figure reached 9 million. To withstand competition and make your ads stand out from the rest, you should rely on ad spy tools. They will help you to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns, better target them and increase your income. These tools will help you to analyze ads that your rivals give and inspire you for more creative and efficient solutions. The sooner you start using them, the quicker you will reap the benefits.