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How To Use Emojis In Facebook Ads?

Using fun emojis in your marketing campaigns is more like a secret spell that only a handful of marketers know about. Even though this strategy has been talked of a lot recently and people are using emojis every day, very few brands still get fully include emojis in their Facebook ads. 

If you are also of the thought group of using emojis in your ads, then here is a guide on emoji copy-paste that you can use and get started. 

How Are Different Brands Using Facebook Emojis?

Using emoji copy and paste in Facebook posts can boost your number of likes by 57% and your shares and comments by 33%. And hence this is why it is a good idea to use more and more emojis in your Facebook posts and ads in Facebook. Already popular brands like AdEspresso and Buffer use emojis in their marketing campaigns. 

Before jumping on the bandwagon, you must have your strategy written down. You should be very clear about the answers to these questions:

  • Do emojis align well with your brand tone?

If you are currently working in a tight corporate environment, then emojis may seem too fun or unprofessional to your working surroundings or audience.

  • How often and where will you be using your emojis?

Answer yourself that it will be stated in your marketing plan, and you will be doing emoji copy and paste regularly?

  • What kind of emojis am I going to use?

All of the emojis in different social media posts must support your message and help you tell the story in an ideal way. Your emojis are not only decorations. 


Find suitable emojis: Now, you are in a position to look for the emojis you will finally use in your Facebook ads. You can use websites that will list all possible emojis in a very categorized and neat way. Once you have spotted the emojis you were in search of, you can do emoji copy and paste there and then. 

1. Now add these emojis into the Facebook posts as well:

Adding emojis to your Facebook posts will be a simple process. You will have to go to your Facebook brand page and insert the message you wish to share while copying and pasting your emojis into this post. 

 2. Use these emojis in ad campaigns:

Using Ads Manager, you can also use emojis while creating ads for Facebook from scratch. Once you have set up the specifications of your campaign, you will then be led to a stage where you will enter all ad information. And that is just it! You have your Facebook Ad with emojis included in it. 

This simple process will always help grab your audience’s attention and increase your click-through rate. You will be able to make intriguing ads using the emoji copy and paste method. You must also be very sure about the meaning of all emojis before you use them. Conduct an online search and be sure of anything you use in your posts.