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HPV Test: Where To Get Tested

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The Human Papillomavirus, or HPV in short, is a sexual infection that has been around for a while now. HPV is the most common form of sexually transmitted infection (STI). This means that it’s highly transmissible that puts you at risk whenever you have unprotected sex, giving you all the reasons to be cautious about this disease. It is very important to have a HPV test. HPV is a type of infection that causes warts to appear on your body in different parts based on the strain of the disease. It could be chronic but can even for decades in a person’s life when the HPV infects him/her. This is why getting tested for HPV is extremely important if you want to know your health and well-being.

If you’re sexually active and did not get vaccinated for HPV, you’re exposed to the risk of getting infected with this disease. An HPV test includes the usage of a person’s cell sample to make out whether they are infected, along with determining the type of strain of the infection. In case of a positive result, the HPV test lets the person getting tested know whether the type of infection is low or high risk. Since there are over a hundred strains of this infection, getting tested is vital in maintaining one’s sexual health. 

Risks and Symptoms of HPV

Since the initial stages of HPV do not show any symptoms, the level of transmissibility is out there in the open, putting anyone at risk when engaging in sexual activity. However, the most common symptoms are warts on the genitalia. So, the cancer-causing strains and warts are different from one another. Getting frequent tests for HPV could save you a great deal of time and money and reduce your chances of getting the dreaded cervical cancer in your later stages of life. 

Why Getting an HPV Test Is Important 

Getting an HPV test is not only important for your personal health, but it also helps in detecting any strain that could put you at a higher risk in the future if the results are positive. It is also used for detecting cancer cells if a patient is suspected of having cervical cancer. The test helps discover cancerous conditions where an early detection will lead to better chances of a faster recovery. HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer in most cases. This is why a HPV test is crucial. 

In most cases, early detection will have an advantage as the patient can take the necessary steps to beat the cancerous cells that cause cervical cancer. But you should know that not every strain of HPV can cause cancer; nevertheless, preventing and taking all the measures to ensure the safety of oneself is vital. HPV screening is a more effective method than Pap smears as HPV tests have been more effective with more accurate results. 

Even though vaccines for HPV have been introduced worldwide, many doctors and heath workers strongly suggest that vaccination for HPV is essential before they become sexually active. Getting tested will let one know whether the strains are high-risk or low-risk, helping determine whether it is cancerous or not. 

Finding an HPV Test Near Me 

Finding a test usually involves visiting a local lab or doing it yourself at home with a special kit. Hospitals and clinics are also quite capable of performing HPV tests effectively. STD Testing Now makes it possible to help you find testing centers closest to you, ensuring a safe and secure testing process where their partner labs will provide the results in around two days. 

There are over 4,500 testing centers for STDs all over the nation. The tests are fast and accurate, with all safety protocols followed by the lab technicians. For testing at home yourself, you can buy test kits that are mailed to your address in just a matter of days. The self-test kits are easy to use and can be done in minutes. If you have any queries, you can get a consultation. 

How Does a HPV Test Work? 

A HPV test includes the usage of a swab. A sample of the cervix cells is extracted with the help of the samplers by the lab technician. The cells are then forwarded to the laboratory for testing. An HPV test hardly takes a couple of minutes, which is simple and straightforward. In some cases, HPV tests are carried out along with Pap smear, known as co-testing. The doctors look for anomalies in cells surrounding the cervical that could potentially determine whether it causes cervical cancer or not. 

Even though test results are pretty accurate most of the time, females are advised not to take tests with tampons and other genital products as they could alter the test results. Before the test, women should also ensure that they are not menstruating and abstain from sex for at least two days to ensure test result accuracy. If they’re taking tests from home, it’s essential to read the test kit’s manual and go through all the written instructions before the actual testing process takes place. 

During the test, a speculum is carefully placed in the patient’s vagina, where the health worker will locate the cervix. They further obtain the cells by brushing the cervix with a soft brush or scraping tool. Rest assured, the testing involves extremely minimal pain or zero pain in most cases. 

The cost of an HPV test varies from place to place. Having medical insurance could also play a factor in how much they cost for the test will be. In the labs, they could also charge other fees for testing and equipment along with the general testing fee. 

Finding an HPV Test clinic that’s near to you involves little to no time. Since you are just a few clicks away from getting your HPV test, do not hesitate. The tests are totally discreet, and the testing workers and employees follow strict confidentiality protocols. An HPV test will also ensure your health stays at its best no matter what age you are.