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Tips To Create An Engaging Photo Booth For Your Events

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Photo booths are always fun, and everyone at the event simply clings to it. Ranging from the old two-seaters to standing in front of the shiny backdrop, we are sure you have those printed pictures lying in your drawers. Honestly, these photo booths might not have the results as your iPhone and DSLR does, but it’s surely more memorable. So, if you want an engaging photo booth at your events we are sharing some tips with you!

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Tailoring The Background 

When you are optimizing the photo booth, you have to tailor the background that aligns with the event. It’s better to opt for a clean and crisp background with seamless paper in different colors. For the most part, black, gray, and white backgrounds are used for photo booths because they create a better background for the pictures, but they are difficult to clean up. So, if cleaning is the issue, you can opt for a vinyl background that hands seamlessly and delivers easy cleanup. 

Add Decorations 

You cannot simply paste a photo booth to the wall and expect people to get attracted to it. For this reason, it’s suggested to attach a photo booth and spruce it up with decoration plates or balloon rows. Even more, you can use removable wallpapers and stickers to transform the appearance of photo booths without leaving any residue. It might sound very 90s, but a metallic fringe brings glamor to the background. As for the outdoor events, you can add some lights, drape the fabric, and add the planters!

Gaffer Tapes 

If you aren’t using the conventional photo booth and there is something new to the photo booth, it’s better to mark the area with a gaffer tape and pen down the instructions, so everyone can use the photo booth. In fact, we suggest that you add a rug since it helps set the ambiance. In addition, don’t forget to add some seats to the backdrop as it helps frame the area. 

Prop Box 

If you aren’t creating the prop box, it’s important to work on one to engage more people in the photo booth. For creating the prop box, just use an old basket or crate and fill it up with an artificial mustache, oversized goggles, conversation bubbles, cowboy hats, bows, and feather heads. Keep in mind that a higher prop count translates into more people driving in for the pictures. In fact, they will have a fun experiment with props to create fun looks!


When it comes down to optimizing the photo booth, not having a tripod is the biggest mistake you can make. So, make sure that your photo booth is optimized with a high-quality and reliable tripod for the tablet or camera. Also, ensure that tripods are easy to use and are user-friendly. Not to forget, having a compact tripod is better since it works fine for the camera without hogging the space. 

These are some ultimate tips to spice up the photo booth, and you can even depend on photo booth rental Toronto to assist you!