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Huobi vs Binance: Detailed Comparison

These cryptocurrency exchanges are considered major platforms within the industry. Each of the two offers excellent conditions for both traders and investors. The websites allow you to buy and sell crypto, as well as provide you with some additional tools and content of various types.

Trading Conditions Comparison

One of the major questions that many traders ask when they start dealing with any cryptocurrency exchange is about the minimum deposit. Binance requires you to invest $10, which is an affordable amount for most traders and investors, even those who are making their first steps in this industry. Huobi’s minimum deposit is ten times higher.

As for the deposit and withdrawal methods, both exchanges offer various fiat and cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw funds. As for the leverage, you can use up to 1:100 credit to trade or invest in digital coins and tokens.

Binance offers competitive fees. For instance, the maximum taker and maker commissions are up to 0.1%. As for Huobi, the same fees are twice as high. However, Huobi users can conduct free p2p transactions, while Binance traders and investors will have to pay an additional commission of 0.35% for such financial operations.

Additional Features

While comparing Huobi vs Binance, it should be noted that both exchanges please their users with some additional options that allow them to get passive income or even improve their knowledge in various niches. For instance, Binance offers its own Academy with a lot of useful content inside. Here you can learn more about various cryptocurrencies and their trading aspects.

Additionally to that option, you can also benefit from a special Launchpad feature that allows you to buy newly appeared tokens or even invest during the ICO/TGE activities. Therefore, you have a chance of getting access to tokens and coins when they are offered for the best price.

Both cryptocurrency exchanges offer a variety of additional tools to generate more money. In particular, you can benefit from staking and mining pools that require no additional activities from you to earn.

As for the trading platforms themselves, both cryptocurrency exchanges offer great trading terminals with a lot of research tools. You can analyze whatever trading asset you choose. Such platforms are equipped with a lot of technical analysis indicators and other useful features.


Cryptocurrency exchanges like Huobi and Binance are considered the best in this niche. They provide clients with a lot of opportunities, including coins and tokens trading, passive income, some educational content, etc. Binance offers a more affordable minimum deposit, allowing traders to start with only $10 on their trading balances. As for Huobi, the minimum deposit here is $100, which is ten times higher.