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Importance of the Followers’ Number in Your Business Promotion on Twitter

Twitter remains one of the most popular social platforms for business promotion. That is because it shows very fine results in that matter. But promotion on this network can be tricky, if you don’t understand how it works. Becoming popular on the platform is not an easy task, because everything works as one complex here.

All these things are important, but you must understand that without gaining more subscribers any marketing strategy on Twitter will lose half of its potential. Having many followers on the profile is a guarantee that your posts will be seen by a huge number of people. Some of them will want to become your followers as well, thus increasing your reach.

If you want to save some time for other errands, you can buy 1000 Twitter followers on Tweetboost, or any other similar service that you trust to. However you must lean to gaining a bigger number of subscribers that come to you organically to prevent yourself from banning.



Twitter is vital for cross-platform promotion. It helps to spread the link to your website faster and way more fruitful. That is because reposting on Twitter is one of the main methods of communication between users. More users who saw your post equals more visitors on your site.Thus, Twitter provides leads very naturally and subtly, and helps you to improve your conversion.


That is the most expected goal for any business. Having many followers means you have a huge number of potential customers. So all you need to do is to make sure the information is delivered to the audience. To make that happen, you must follow a few rules:

• Use shortcut links
• Add visual materials ( images and videos) that illustrate your product the best
• Stay connected to the subscribers – being sweet to your audience has never made any damage
• Reply and retweet anything you consider relevant to the industry (and interesting to your viewers, of course)
• Don’t overload your profile with promotion posts, or you will simply annoy your followers and provoke them for unsubscribing


Having a big audience on your business profile will attract new people. The mechanism of social approval works on Twitter just like on any other platform. People see that you have many followers, and that number makes them think that there is something valuable to check out, or why would so many folks subscribe? Also, the constant reposting helps to spread the values of your brand, make it viral and thus increase loyalty to it.


At this point Twitter is the same as Instagram or Facebook. All of them need a high level of engagement to provide effective results. Without a fine interaction between your brand and your users, the business will sink as an old ship. However, Twitter is a bit easier to embrace, if you want to increase the level of engagement:

• Upload posts consistently ( around 10 – 15 per day would be enough)
• Ask questions
• Start discussions
• Add a bit of persona to your profile
• Start a hashtag
• Host contests
• Respond to your followers tweets and repost the ones you like

There is an endless list of possibilities for increasing audience engagement. But the main thing about Twitter is – the more you interact with your followers, the bigger number of them you get.


Twitter basically works like a word of mouth. All you have to do is to upload a post with a description, image, and link that leads to your product. After you capture the attention of your most loyal followers, your mission is over, and they make the miracle happen. So it is important to grow as big fan-base of your brand as possible for widening your reach and bringing your business to success. Time to time you can use CTA’s for starting an avalanche of reposts and clicks to your site.

CTA is decrypted as a “call to action”. In terms of social media marketing, it means that you ask your followers directly to do something, mostly share the information via reposting or replying to the original tweet. Thanks to the algorithm that builds a newsfeed on Twitter, the visibility of your post strongly depends on the level of users interaction with it.


Launching and running a business always was hard work to do. But with the development of social media, this work can become a little bit easier. Twitter is an outstanding platform for promotion of your brand, because it helps to build a strong and loyal community. And of course it is important to grow it. The larger your audience becomes, the better profit you get. With the help of this social platform you can easily find out what your potential customers want to see – just ask a question and get a whole bunch of answers that will help you to improve your brand and provide people with what they really wanted.

Social media, and Twitter being one of them, are an instrument that changes the relationship between a brand and it’s consumers. So reaching out to your audience, being attentive to their wishes and suggestions, personal attitude – all those will bring you more followers and as a result, more happy clientele.