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What is marketing? Marketing is a broad term used to describe a number of strategies and activities intended to promote goods and services in the market. It also covers the whole range of human activity intended to influence the buying behavior of the consumer. Marketing has become a key economic activity because it has the ability to determine the success or failure of any business venture. For marketers, marketing is about understanding the customer, which means that the marketing manager should be able to define his/her target market. In addition to this, marketing is also about anticipating future competition and developing strategies to outpace the competition. Understanding this is important in all levels of marketing, whether for a larger corporation, or an affiliate marketer trying to buy YouTube subscribers for better metrics. 

Meeting The Needs Of Buyers And Sellers

Marketing, therefore, is the act or process of bringing together buyers and sellers so that they can realize their potential and meet their needs. Marketing, therefore, encompasses all aspects of interaction that lead consumers to choose one product concept over another. This includes consumers, product developers, marketers, and other professionals. The concept of marketing myopia, therefore, refers to the narrow focus of marketing efforts, and not to the wide range of activities that are involved in marketing.

The term marketing research is sometimes used synonymously with marketing myopia. Research is the process of gathering and understanding information that can help marketers understand their target market more effectively. Marketing research thus encompasses a variety of approaches and methods meant to improve an organization’s understanding of consumers and the market. Marketing research involves evaluating and collecting information from consumers, market studies, market evaluation, distribution studies, and other relevant sources. After this information is gathered, the findings are analyzed to provide advice on marketing activities.

Analysis Of Marketing Research Is Very Important

Marketing research shows that selling activities are best conducted during the early stages of development. Marketing research also demonstrates that selling activities should not be based on assumptions but should be based on facts. Marketers, therefore, learn how consumers think and why they make buying decisions, which enables them to design programs and commercials that accurately capture the ideas and attitudes of consumers.

Success Doesn’t Come Easy

Developing effective marketing concepts and strategies takes time and persistence. Marketers must also realize that marketing is an ever-changing discipline. Marketing concepts and strategies that worked five years ago may not work today. What may have worked five years ago may not be as relevant or beneficial as what is being promoted today.

Successful marketing management requires consistent effort over a period of time to build a strong reputation and brand among customers. Once this reputation and brand building has been achieved, marketing management will need to fine-tune the selling concept to continue to be effective. This fine-tuning process is called marketing management refinements. Refinements are also necessary due to the constant changes that occur in the global economy. Marketing management must be flexible enough to meet the needs of the market and the changing consumer trends.

Figuring Out What Works

A crucial component of marketing management is learning to identify what works and what doesn’t. It is important to distinguish between traditional selling and marketing management concepts. Traditional selling is mostly concerned with the current consumer and societal marketing concepts. The focus is on the audience, target consumers, and marketplace. The goals of the selling concept should always be aligned with those of the audience, target consumers, and marketplace.


Effective marketing research should be conducted to gain insights into what consumers want today. Marketers need to understand who buys what and why. Marketing research can further illuminate the marketing activities of an organization by finding out the demographics that drive a particular product or service. Through comprehensive marketing research, marketers learn how to improve their product and service offerings to suit the changing preferences of their target consumers.