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Insight TV Launches ‘Street Art Challenge’

Series to Premiere on Tuesday, October 16

Insight TV, the 4K UHD HDR broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, is launching its new show, “Street Art Challenge.” The eight-episode series will highlight the incredible talents of global visual artists who create captivating and often provocative images on metropolitan backdrops in towns and cities, in countries around the world. Produced by Strix Television, the series will premiere on Tuesday, October 16.

The logline: As well as showcasing immense talent, each episode of “Street Art Challenge” provides a platform for artists from different cities to partner for a unique task: they must blend their styles and perspectives into a new one-off street art work for a specific client. Will their skills mix? Will they be able to agree on social and cultural stances? And most importantly, will the client be happy with the end result? The show will take the viewer on an artistic journey with each episode taking place in a different country including: Ibiza, Hong Kong, Russia, Greece, India, Holland, Portugal and the UK.  
For the trailer of “Street Art Challenge,” click here