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INSP Orders Docuseries ‘Turquoise Fever’

Family friendly network INSP has greenlit a new original Western themed reality/docuseries titled “Turquoise Fever,” with an order for six episodes.  Slated to premiere this summer, the series follows the Otteson family as they work to grow their turquoise mining empire outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.   

“Turquoise Fever, like most of our original programming, features the triumphs and challenges of everyday heroes who courageously endeavor to carve out their way of life in America,” s
aid Doug Butts, SVP of Programming at INSP. “We believe our viewers will be captivated watching this family put their lives on the line to secure these rare and valuable gemstones. The Ottesons are engaging and their adventures are truly remarkable.”

The logline: For three generations the Otteson clan has battled blistering hot days and freezing cold nights to unearth some of the most sought-after turquoise in the world. The conditions in the Great Basin Desert are frequently inhospitable, and the dangers intense.  From detonating explosives on treacherous slopes to the pressure of meeting the demands of international buyers, every day is an adventure. And, there is always a thin line between complete failure and striking it rich