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INSP Renews ‘Wild West Chronicles’ for Two More Seasons

Number of Episodes Ordered Not Confirmed

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General entertainment network INSP has ordered two additional seasons of anthology docudrama “Wild West Chronicles.” In “Wild West Chronicles”, the legendary Bat Masterson, once a feared gunslinger and lawman, trades his sheriff’s badge for a pen and becomes a newspaper reporter. Although he once chased outlaws, he now chases stories, and beneath his front-page headlines, fearless lawmen and ruthless outlaws ride once more. On a quest to separate fact from fiction, Masterson traverses the country to uncover the true stories behind these incredible historical events. A bygone age of hardship and lawlessness is brought to life as eyewitnesses share their vivid memories of many of the most notorious characters of the Wild West.

“We knew early on that we had something special in’ Wild West Chronicles’” said Doug Butts, SVP of Programming for INSP, “and viewers have confirmed it. Each week, audiences came back to hear about the people and the true tales of the American West.  Some names are familiar, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, and Annie Oakley. But our viewers also loved hearing the true stories of other, unsung trailblazers as well, including Bass Reeves, Doc Susie, Elfego Baca and more.”

“Wild West Chronicles” is produced for INSP by MorningStar Entertainment.