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Instagram Story Viewer 

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Are you a fan of social media? Does Instagram come to your list? If this is an interest on your side, running numb on what to put on stories and how to get views are some of the struggles. Instagram is such a place where you will find options to share photos, videos, and more on day-to-day updates. The page runs in Meta and has very strict analytics and you need to run at a high speed to manage the speed. 

The Instagram story viewer page is something related to this itself. Where you can find your stories and download them at your convenience. You lost out on the story and you feel bad about it. Not anymore because this site will help you to keep all your memories safe and secure. The site has recently developed and it is not well equipped. But the motto and the work are commendable. The site is directly related to Instagram and that very thing makes it more demanding. 

Anyone who struggles to download their stories can now easily download with one single click. If this is the site you want to know more about, dive right into the facts and figures; 

The audience associated on this page 

The audiences for this page are anybody who is obsessed with Instagram and keeps collecting everything around the app. The page is generally designed for the age group of around 13+, so it’s really important to understand the page by the viewers. The interesting part is that the site is not only for the download of your stories but of anyone whose user Id you put in the search bar. You can anonymously view and observe other profile photos. Though it sometimes becomes a demerit because it can be misused. 

About the page 

The page is formed and designed in a very plain way. The site contains very basic information and which is comparatively not sufficient for anyone to get a whole picture of the website. The site contains new updates and a status button at the very right top corner. It also has a search key to find the Instagram page. There is also a guide on how to download, which is; 

  • Visit site
  • Go to the search key option and type the required Ig handle name 
  • After finding your relevant profile 
  • Click the download button 


The page is solely related to social media. This page acts as a helper and tool to download other stuff on Instagram. If you struggle to get a good quality copy of Instagram from other influencers you can download it from this site. Due to its low quality of engagement, the traffic is not that high on this page. 


  1. Is the website reliable? 

A: Yes, the site is completely reliable and there is no involvement of a third party. So, you can go to this site. 

  1. Do we have to log in to the site?

A: No, there is no requirement of having an account on the page. You can directly visit the site and type the Instagram Id to search and download the photo.