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International Brokers: 6 Best Sources

Due to overall globalization, as of now, every trader can earn from almost any foreign market and make full use of speculating and investing opportunities offered abroad. In this review, we will name the most honored platforms, which cover multiple international markets and serve clients from different countries, and will help you make a choice among them.

To start with, we know that searching for the best trading service usually takes days or even weeks, so we would like to offer you to save your time and to rely on the top list created by our experienced experts based on the comprehensive and deep analysis of the most commonly used international brokers:

  • Interactive Brokers — a versatile service, which is regulated in 10 countries, in addition to the USA, serves users from more than 200 countries, and offers access to a full choice of assets on 135 markets.
  • Degiro — a leading European platform, which allows trading stocks, options, and futures on 50 global exchanges and supports 19 countries.
  • Saxo Bank — a Europe-based international source, which is available in 180 countries and offers a full selection of assets on 21 global exchanges, but places the main focus on foreign currencies and provides users with related expert research and forecasts.
  • TradeStation — this extremely comfortable platform offers clients from 156 countries access to the biggest market in the world — the American one — and maintains huge popularity due to its intuitive interface, which is absolutely easy to navigate even for newbies.
  • TD Ameritrade — this source, available in the USA and Canada, is hugely popular for its exceptional customer support and quality of service, although it allows trading on the American market solely.
  • Tastyworks — this company with over 20 years of experience in the US market is aimed at helping clients from more than 55 countries to get the most profit from trading local assets.

How to decide which of the platforms mentioned suits you the best?

  •   Find a source, which is available in your country.
  •   Check whether it offers all the assets and markets you are interested in.
  •   Analyze the fees, payment methods, and other terms.
  •   See reviews left by other traders on independent aggregators.
  •   Test it via a free trial account.
  •   If you feel comfortable using it, get a real profile, deposit it, and proceed with trading.

In sum, today, there are many brokers that can offer access to multiple global exchanges and markets. But, to avoid scams and other similar problems, we recommend selecting one of the proven sources from our list.