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What Is the Best Cryptocurrency App for Your Goals?

No doubt, the secret of most successful crypto investors is comprehensive self-education, extensive experience, and decent chart analysis. While there is another influential aspect, which is not so obvious — a trading platform used. However, this choice determines which assets and markets you will get access to, which commissions you will pay, and how much profit you will receive in the end.

If you ask us to name the best service for trading crypto, there would be no universal answer, which will fit every reader. Tastes and needs differ. Hence, below, we will provide you with a list of 8 diversified sources targeted on varied categories of investors and trading goals:

  •   Binance — the top choice for a diversity of coins (410!) and assets and the most comfortable terms for trading large volumes;
  •   Bybit — a number-one choice for investors interested in crypto derivatives;
  •   Coinbase — the best cryptocurrency app on the US market that offers a decent range of coins and assets along with affordable terms  and exclusive educational courses supplied with crypto bonuses;
  •   Kraken — one of the safest services, which stands up due to an advanced security system and attractive terms for high volume deals;
  • — the first social infused exchange on the market offering community trading;
  •   Bitmex — the most advantageous option for advanced users;
  • — the most popular choice among those who want to invest in tokenized instruments;
  •   Bitfinex — the most sought-after service for peer-to-peer deals and margin trading, which is targeted upon professionals mainly.

So, which of them to select?

  •   Choose the type of service: a broker, an exchange, or a peer-to-peer platform.
  •   Set the goals. Namely, decide which assets you plan to invest in.
  •   Compare commissions and terms offered by your favorites.
  •   Pay attention to extra goodies, like exclusive features, bonuses, or discounts.
  •   Check the availability of the source selected in your country.
  •   Have a look at the feedback left by other users on the Web.

What if you are a beginner and do not have any clear priorities so far? Then, choose between Binance and Coinbase. These are optimal variants, offering a user-friendly interface, a good selection of assets, and reasonable terms.

In sum, when there are hundreds of web platforms facilitating crypto investments, and many of them are scammers to a certain extent, it is critical to find the one you can freely trust your finances to. Luckily, you have our list as a starting point for a safe search.